Illness/Guest Posting at The Kay Times

Yesterday afternoon as I was about to leave work for the day, my son’s daycare called and informed me that he had a fever of 102.1. I usually think they are lying (not sure why), he indeed had a fever when I arrived. Poor little guy. He vomited once last night, woke up around 2:30am and got another dose of fever reducer and then back to bed around 3:30. This morning he still has a fever but wants to play. I have to wait until his pediatrician opens to decide if he needs to come in or not. Either way, we will be spending the day together.

I did my very first guest post over at The Kay Times today. It’s about the struggles of having a vagina being a women living in the United States. Please slide on over to Kay’s blog and show her some love and support me in my first attempt at guest posting. Have a Happy Thursday.

The Kay Times

8 thoughts on “Illness/Guest Posting at The Kay Times

  1. Hope your little guy is feeling better! As a pediatric nurse, we always find it a good sign when they want to play! Hopefully it’s just a quick bug and it runs it’s course. Heaed over to read your blog post!

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