Fit Confessions

Lately I have been getting pretty focused on my health and fitness journey. My friend Kara and I have been accountability partners since before I can even remember. One requirement is a sweaty selfie to the other describing the workout in detail. This pictures can be pretty hilarious since most of the time we just snap and go. I however, am the one that from time to time tries to be all professional and send an over the top smolder. I confess, I am a gym rat riding in a douche canoe.


Case number one. I’m not even looking at the mirror, I’m ‘pretending’ to look at the phone but actually, I am really trying to give a good ‘I just worked out real hard’ face. Check out those baby guns I am carrying around.


In this photo, I decided to give my good friend the bedroom eyes. Why? I don’t know. It only took like 17 attempts to get this post-workout photo.


This is a good one. I was still running and wanted to go ahead and get it done so that when I was done, I was done. Not to mention I was pushing my son in the jogging stroller while running/snapping a pic. Click here for a post that has photo’s of the jogging stroller I use. It’s the best ever.


Clearly I was trying to see into my friends soul for this picture. I was proud of that sweat drip I had going on and at the same time wanted to be a tad sassy.


I look so angry about life in this picture. Who did I just cross paths with to make me look like I could hurt someone? I think this is just my normal face that causes everyone to ask me why I am mad. Or when people say they thought I was mean when they first met me.


Lastly, we have the creepy late night sweating in the car picture. Same expression as above so I guess that’s just my face and I need to accept it and move forward. I typically delete the photos the same day I take them to leave space for my other selfies and pictures of my son. I am sure that some of them were even better than the above.


Stole this from Skinny Meg’s October Challenge that I am doing because its true; well, I like to do my sets of selfies at the end of my workout. Pretty much my cool down.

Currently I am participating in two fitness challenge with a third starting on Tuesday. Apparently in order for me to be successful I need to be accountable to about 150 people. The first challenge that I am doing started about 5 weeks ago and is through my employer. We have to weigh in every Tuesday in front of someone. Talk about the pressure. There are prizes and stuff for this class and I love competition so I basically have to win. Skinny Meg’s October challenge just started today and runs through October 9th. This has weekly requirements to ensure that you are staying on track and if you do not participate you can be removed from the group. Finally, I start another diet bet on Tuesday, October, 7th. I’ve also thought about doing a 5k this month but I think I would have to do it alone since my usual running partner is busy. Maybe I can put it off until November…

If I don’t lose weight with all of this going on then I obviously need to have a mental evaluation of some sort.

What helps you stay accountable? Do you send sweaty selfies to anyone?


Vodka and Soda

18 thoughts on “Fit Confessions

  1. LOL at that meme. i don’t send selfies (i kind of hate taking them) but i do send snaps to my friend during my workouts and i’ll usually send her some titty shots or pics of my ass because we’re stupid like that LOL. keep up the great work!!!

    thanks for linking up ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I always feel awkward but I take them anyway. Snapchat makes my days go by pretty quickly sometimes. It’s always a good time to send stupid pics to your friends. LOL!

  2. i dont normally take photos when i work out because i’m too busy trying not to die. haha! but i dont look as cute as you when i work out, so thats also a good reason. sometimes i take photos afterwards, but they’re not cute, at all.

    • HAHA! I appreciate your compliment. I need to show a picture of how terrible I really look when I push myself. My face gets really red and I look like certain death will come in a matter of minutes! Thanks girl!

  3. I love this idea! My friends and I always talk about working out together, but we aren’t close so it’s difficult. Sweaty self accountability selfies is def the answer ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow, Im sitting on my couch eating cold onion rings And they are delicious. Mama needs to get her ass to the gym. Maybe I can get my sister to start doing Accountability Selfies with me. I like that idea. You look super fiiiiiiiiine all sweaty! ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Yeah, could you please be my trainer? I’ve been doing the work, eat, sleep, repeat routine for the past month and haven’t done ANY sort of fitness/diet/exercise at all. I’ve basically been eating cheese, burgers, chips, bacon, candy, and all the other fatty horrible stuff. Not even drinking water either. I need to join a challenge or something I think. Point me in the right direction, coach!

    • I want to eat all of the food you have mentioned, especially cheese-burgers! I love them! Drink that water though.. even if you are doing everything else wrong, drinking plenty of water can help flush some of it out.

  6. i love being your workout accountability partner! i have to force myself to take selfies after each workout even tho i absolutely hate them (u r the only one who ever sees them of me bc they r the only ones i ever take). this routine has helped me to stay on track for no telling how long now…so i know it works! that means u will continue to see my sweaty face pics for as long as you want to remain partners!

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