Have you laughed today?

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Anytime I come across something that makes me laugh out loud I try to share it with you guys because its awesome and you deserve to laugh as well. Enjoy this laughter mash-up that I have prepared for you.

laugh.1Just imagine how those poor giraffe’s feel, they can’t even have a warm cup of coffee.

laugh.2I mean, Beyoncé…

laugh.3This was taken from someone else’s IG… I laughed so hard.


laugh.7Who could forget about Yeezy

 In the event that you haven’t even cracked a smile, I spent hours on Instagram, tirelessly searching for something. I hope these are even better.

laugh.12Except they don’t need it because that’s basically all I do.

laugh.11I. Can’t. Even.

laugh.8They never will be Laura.

laugh.10Real live. I would be looking back in the corner behind me though.

laugh.9I’d park like this everyday.

laugh.13I feel like this when I have to go to work in the morning.

I hope that this helped bring some laughter to your day. I try to screenshot anything funny that I find on IG or Pinterest. Have a happy Thursday!


7 thoughts on “Have you laughed today?

  1. Oh my gosh, Im sitting here getting my chemo, snorting like an idiot. And of course “Hot Chemo Guy,” it two chairs away and looking at me like I’m special. ne with Urkle… I can’t even! LOL LOL

    • I love it! These had me dying when I read them. Sometimes it is hard to find something funny on the internet because it is saturated with stupid.. lol. Hope all is well for you today. 🙂

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