Random Confessions

I confess to being a blogging slacker lately. I had a post half-way done yesterday, it was a good one, pretty hilarious too, but then, I just couldn’t get it to make sense at the end so I just stopped and hopped something would come to me later and it never did. So that happened.


Lately I have been obsessed with finding different fitness ideas and meals as part of this 12-week class I have been doing through my employer. I am very competitive and I just have to win. This may be where my brain juices are going these days; that and getting mad at my boyfriend for eating delicious food while I sit back and pout about my decision to not eat it.


Sometimes, in the morning, I take the elevator at work instead of the stairs because it is quicker if I catch it alone. When I do, I rush in as quick as possible and push the “door close” button because I don’t want anyone else to get on a press the button for the floor below mine that makes my ride take longer. So I watch the door close right in their face.


I don’t proofread my blog until after I publish it. Those of you who receive it via email get the original version rather than the corrected version because I just choose to be lazy.


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Vodka and Soda

10 thoughts on “Random Confessions

  1. I take the elevator at work too, and I always try to ride it alone. Not because of how long it takes to stop at multiple floors, but because I really don’t want to have any awkward “Good morning! How are you?!?!” conversations at 7 AM.

    • Yea, those conversations are always interesting. I take the stairs most of the time because I am only on the 3rd floor but when I do take the elevator I always hit the close door button.

  2. Haha, I do the elevator thing too, but I keep my eyes glued to my phone so I don’t see it closing on people. I get a little ragey when someone sticks their hand or foot in right before the doors close and then the sensors go off and the doors reopen. Especially since I’m on the 11th fl (out of 12), so it’s 99% that the floor will be below mine. And I did the same thing with a post yesterday! Need to step my game up.

  3. hahahaha I so do the elevator thing too, but I do what Kathy does – I don’t face the door, and I act really busy so I can’t see – my building is quite small and I see these people a lot lol. Normally I take the stairs though 😉

    • Food is so delicious! I can’t even stand it. I just wish that all of the healthy food was as good as the bad stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the taste of most healthy food but I don’t crave it…. ah life.

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