Last night/this morning I had a horrifying dream. The kind that feel so real when you wake up you are trying to decide if that just happened yesterday or if it were really a dream. I often have dreams like this. In fact, I rarely have dreams that are positive and happy. My dreams are either terrifying or they are about sex. Who knows why and I’m not going to try to get into what dreams mean. I just hate the feelings that I get from these dreams.

After I wake up and remember the dream there are always a few details that make it obvious that I was dreaming. For example, in my dream last night I had committed several crimes, the details are a bit foggy right now but at the end of my crime spree I stole a car from a valet line with some assistance but the next day the purple convertible was a fancy purple beach bicycle. Also, when we walked into a door that looked like a house we actually walked out into a gigantic back yard.

The emotions that came up in the dream had more to do with my son and my job. Fear is many times the strongest emotion I feel in my bad dreams however sometimes I feel hurt emotionally by someone close to me. Sometimes the people close to me look like themselves, others they look like actors or rappers.

I am a worst-case-scenario type of person and that makes me think these bad dreams are already developed in my mind before I go to sleep and then they get played out in a different manner but are just as scary. I usually remember the worst dreams that I have had forever. I don’t even want to talk about them because I haven’t told too many people that are close to me and those dreams involve family.

Anyhow, sometimes these dreams can make the day following a bit more difficult because the emotion doesn’t go away because I woke up. It’s almost as if it really did happen. I sound like a crazy person at this point so I’ll go a head and end here. Let’s get some positive dreams in my mind, or at least the sex dreams, I forget about those rather quickly.

What do you dream about?


10 thoughts on “dreams

  1. i am definitely a worst case scenario kinda girl as well. i dont think you sound like a crazy person – dreams really can be terrifying. i dream all the time that my husband broke up with me again, and i can wake up now and be ok, but when it first happened i would wake up hyperventilating and bawling my eyes out because it was so real and upsetting (and it actually happened, in 2011). i also dream about the guy from hocus pocus, and have since i was a kid. scary!

  2. At least your sex dreams are good. I occasionally have dreams just like you explained, so scary, and so real that when I first wake up it’s difficult to determine if it really just happened. Usually my nightmares are about a scary past relationship (all the therapy in the world isn’t gonna help me get over that!), and my sex dreams are usually with guys in my real life who I am attracted to (don’t tell my husband!).
    Hope your day gets better ❤

    • This is true! I too dream about a toxic relationship from the past and therapy will not take that away either. I do wonder why I have sex dreams so often.. maybe to counteract the bad dreams.

  3. I hate, hate, hate having bad dreams. My whole night’s sleep ends up getting ruined because I’ll wake up in the middle of the dream — scared. & then I’ll spend the next thirty minutes thinking, “Was that real or not?”

    My last scary/terrible dream involved my bf:

    We were hanging out at a bar and we knew his ex was there, but we hung out in our group and had a great time! But when I went to the bathroom, I came back and found the ex all over Kevin (my bf). When I walked up to them, I heard him say to her, “I can’t wait to see you later tonight.” I asked what he meant by that, but he brushed it off as no big deal — and I believed him. Later that night, he had his ex’s phone because he needed an excuse to go see her again. Long story short, we run into each other at another place and I find out that his ex had a miscarriage with his baby last month… but hello, how is that possible if he hasn’t seen her in over a year? But, I believed every story he told me.. and at the end of my dream, I was heartbroken and angry, and my bf (Kevin) turned into my abusive ex from high school (Josh).

    If I had to dissect what my dream meant, it clearly shows that I’m STILL letting an abusive person from my past affect me today. Maybe I’m scared that Kevin is like Josh? Even though I know he isn’t. Kevin would never do anything like that ever… but it’s weird that he turned into my ex in my dream.

    • Thanks for sharing. I think that abusive relationships will always effective us on some level. I often have dreams of my ex and it is absolutely terrifying. Something that will always be a part of my memories.

  4. I try not to think of the worst case scenario, but I always do. I understand what you’re saying about still feeling the emotional effects of the dream the next day. Sometimes I have dreams where Joey cheats on me or does something shady right in front of me and the next morning I wake up pissed off and standoffish towards him. It’s not fair because he didn’t really do anything, but I still just can’t shake the feeling right away. Lol.

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