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I feel like I have been kind of weird lately. Not necessarily on the blog but in real life. I am overly sensitive to EVERYTHING. This is super annoying because, well, you can’t live life if every single time something bad happens you get upset by it. The media does a great job highlighting all the bad in the world and it sucked me, it sucked me good. Right into looking for anything negative that I could find to back up those statistics. Now, I need use my internet search button friend to find positive stories. So, this morning, I bring you some positive stories I found using the Google, or the Yahoo.

The Huffington Post recently posted an article about a man giving out haircuts for hugs to the homeless people. This guy is so sweet and made me feel all warm and fuzzy on my insides. I tried to get the embedded code but it would not work. Click here to see the video.


I then came across another story of a barber, this time in New York, giving haircuts for free to the homeless. He was inspired after he took a trip to the Philippines and said that he felt so rewarded by helping someone else.


This little league champion was homeless. A generous businessman in the Chicago area paid one-year rent for the family so he would not have to be homeless once more.

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After searching for positive news stories I realized that I can make a difference in my own world and in my attitude everyday. I can be pretty judgmental, which is hard to admit. I’m not too vocal about these judgments but they occur in my thoughts and that still effects my attitude. Who knows if all of this is just because I need a mental makeover or if it is because my recent medication change by my neurologist. Either way, it is important to spread love and random acts of kindness are a good way to start. We should always be conscious of those around us, especially if they need help. Some people are too proud to ask. Let’s not forget about each other.

My son had his birthday party over the weekend and I always get a little emotional at the love we have in our life. Every year I am surprised by the generosity of my family and friends. When they take time out of their lives to share this day or to get him a gift it melts my heart. I love that little boy more than I can ever explain. When people close to me show their love for him and I it makes me all mushy. We are loved and we are fortunate, its time we share that love with people who do not experience it as often.



9 thoughts on “Spread love

  1. what a lovely post. whenever i get down i try and read and watch things like this to lift me up. i’m definitely not a selfless person and i wish i was more generous and loving like these people are. i am definitely always way too sensitive to everything in life, lol

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