I have and I want


That pretty much sums it up. Let’s get these favorites rolling out. This is the meme that describes my week so far.


Healthy eating is so difficult, especially when everything I want is in my face, for free, every day. Like this amazingness.


My book order arrived so I now have something that I have wanted for awhile. I am a bit late on the #Girlboss train but I’m riding it. The other two are poetry books and I am in love. With a book. or two books rather.want.3

Here are some things that I want but since I am poor and trying to be financially responsible I will just have to look at them from afar and wonder what could have been.

wantIsn’t she pretty?

want.5I have heard that this guy is better than Benefit’s Porefessional. I can not say because I do not own this. It’s $50 freakin’ dollars.

With that I am going to throw the deuces up to you and leave you with a happy little tune to get your weekend started. If you did not see this dance on So You Think You Can Dance Last Season than you must watch it now!



14 thoughts on “I have and I want

  1. That bag. I wanted a similar one in a light grey/stone color. It was $575. Fuck that shit. I’m glad that JustFab has similar styles for only $40 so I don’t feel as guilty when I buy a new bag from them. And HELLS YES to #Girlboss! You’ll love it!!! I’m going to start re-reading mine again this weekend.

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