Relationship struggles

Dear Monday,

There are so many reasons things about you that I just can’t stand. Our relationship just really is not working out for me. How many times have you made me angry for no reason at all? I curse your name when people talk about you. I get anxiety just thinking that I have to see you again. Do not get me wrong, there are a few times when I looked forward to seeing you. Like when you decide to be a holiday, or when it is my birthday. For the most part Monday, I feel like you actually get the worst part of our relationship. I used to plan new beginnings on Monday’s then I realized, who am I kidding, I never get much done on Monday; better save those ideas for Tuesday. That way my body can catch up to the decisions my brain made when Monday seemed so far away.

Even Sunday suffers because of you, Monday. I wish I could enjoy the day to its entirety but it is quickly halted when I realize that I can not stay up to watch New Jersey Housewives battle it out because I have to get up in the morning. Now that it is football season I fear that I may come to dislike you even more. You make me choose between sleep and touchdowns. I just have to pray that my team is winning exponentially by halftime because sleep is something that I love. So are showers. Oh Monday, you make my showers super fast because I tried to get that extra 15 minutes of sleep in and that is the only place that I can trim the time.

I wish that I were more positive in our relationship and I am not even sure how you could help. You have been yourself all along, and I, well I have just been complaining. I should wake up on Monday thankful to have a job and to still be alive. I feel that maybe it is me that needs to change in our relationship. It is difficult to admit that I have been wrong. I know that it will not be easy, I am going to try. I can’t believe that I am even thinking this, let alone putting it out there for everyone to see. Can we start over, Monday? I mean like, next Monday, can we try to have a positive experience together? One in which I wake up happy and before my alarm clock.

I am confident in you and I know that you will still be there next Monday if for some reason I fail and need to start again. See you Monday, Monday.

Forever yours,


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