Favorite things to hate


I hate humidity. I want my hair to look like it did when I finished it in the morning, not like I just woke up and used a fork to brush through the tangles after going on a deep sea swim with some red-headed mermaid. However, humidity makes me sweat more when I exercise outdoors thus reducing my water weight…so maybe I love it.


I hate bras. They are the most uncomfortable controlling, thing that I have to wear. Can I live? For real. I have to say that I love bras though, they are so pretty and they create the illusion that having a child didn’t ruin my chest.


I hate Dr. Pepper/Cherry Coke. Either of these make me lose self control and once I am craving it, I have to have it and when I withstand I feel like the champion of the world. Although, I love the delicious bubbly taste and sometimes it makes me feel better. Ok not really but it does make my mouth happy.


I hate Cardio. Every time I am about to embark on a cardio journey I contemplate shooting myself in the foot. Why can’t it be easier like it was when I was 9? or even when I was 19? I love it though, I am proud to say that I can run 3 miles without stopping therefore I continue doing cardio so that I don’t lose this ability. I have run further than that but I honestly don’t really care to. After I had my son I had to fight to get back to that place but it was worth it.


I hate cheese. It controls my meal decisions 92% of the time. If I am torn between two choices, I will very likely choose the one that has or tastes good with cheese (none of that cottage cheese, blue cheese though, just nasty). I once said that if someone told me giving up cheese would make me have a body like Beyoncé, I would still choose cheese. Physical beauty is so last week.


I hate money. I think about it every day and I am always trying to figure out ways to maximize what I have, or save, or pay off debt, or buy something nice. Money makes people angry, money makes people sad, money causes stress. What happened to the barter system? I do like money, I may not have much but it does not cause me too much stress most of the time (unless I went on an online shopping spree that week).


I hate feelings. I can’t stand it when I am sad, angry, or confused. I hate when I can’t figure out why I am feeling any of those ways either. I love having feelings and emotions however because it is a big fat sign that I am alive and healthy. Sometimes I just need to get over myself and live.


What do you love to hate?



6 thoughts on “Favorite things to hate

    • It is finally a bit cool this morning but it will be back into the 90’s this week. I shouldn’t complain because in the winter we will be back to negative wind chills and that is just stupid.

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