Labor Day Love

I love a good long weekend. Why don’t we just all work four, ten hour days per week and be off for three days? I think we would be happier that way. At least I know I would be. There is something about a long weekend that makes me so happy. SLEEP! It is fantastic.


The sky looks how I feel. Angry. I just needed about 5 more days of staying at home and then I may be more willing to return. Maybe.


This kid and I had Panera Bread yesterday after walking around the mall and not spending money. He loves his macaroni and cheese. Pre-game snack before I ate pizza. My fail for the weekend.

 labor day
Yesterday was the first football game for my Louisville Cardinals. Check out that fan section though. We won our first game as a member of the ACC. I won’t bore you with the details.


I had a great weekend. I hope you did as well. I have to get caught up at work so this will be it for the day. I’ll return to you tomorrow with a good time in mind. Have a great short week!


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