My Most Favorite, Favorite.

Disclaimer: This excludes people, no one need to be offended moving forward.

I am beyond thrilled that it is Friday. We have a three-day weekend on the horizon and that has me on the edge of my seat ready to bust out of this place already and I just got here. In case you didn’t know, College football season kicks off for my team on Monday, September 1st at 8PM on ESPN. The Louisville Cardinals will be playing the Miami Hurricanes. We will be winning. Just a heads up, in case you were wondering.


I can’t wait for the game. It is something that I have looked forward to all summer long. It means that life is about to be interesting and I will be sitting in front of a TV (or at a football stadium, hopefully at some point this season) full of excitement as I watch every game. Did I tell you that I LOVE football? It’s more of an addiction really. Check out this video, get hype.

I guess what I am trying to tell you on this Friday of Favorites is this, Ball is life, bruh. From this day until football season is over I am likely to mention it at least one time per week. I hope you understand. I just have to talk about football. I do it to anyone who will pretend to listen to me. I also love it when guys try to talk down about my team(s) and think I do not possess enough ‘sport’ knowledge to retaliate. Then they get all butt hurt when they realize that not only do I know what’s going on with my team, but I know why their team is crap. By the way, I think anyone that opposes my team has a crap team even if in fact, their team is decent. I’ll never admit it. I just can’t.

With all of that being said I do have some concerns about this season. We have a new coach. We have a new quarterback. We have injuries. If I come here on Tuesday to report a loss, just know that I will be filling my keyboard with tears as I type.

football.1The Return of Bobby Petrino (2003-2006 originally)

Do you have a favorite football team? Would you like me to breakdown the basics of football to those that may/may not understand the basics. I have some secrets to loving football btw. Have a safe Labor Day weekend friends. Don’t drink/text/dance/argue/cry/tweet/instagram while driving. It’s hazardous.

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Meet At The Barre

6 thoughts on “My Most Favorite, Favorite.

    • I love college and pro’s. I never cared about college football at all until I went to school and someone from our rival team called me a cunt for simply being a student. That ended it there. lol.

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