Life swap

life swap

I see them coming,
flying at a speed I’m not sure I can catch,
running swiftly,
I leap, as a jaguar attacking its prey,
soaring through the air,
I land in front of you,
It hits me in my chest,
the wind escapes my lunges,
I am gasping for air,
I look back at you,
Your eyes so thankful,
you have been spared.

Tears bleeding in my soul,
I hold them back,
I walk with you,
to protect you,
Spare you from an all-to-familiar place,
walking through swamp your entire life,
in this frigid world.

I want to carry this weight,
trade places with you,
understand the hurt,
look into their eyes through yours,
let you never again feel the daggers,
that fall from the lips and beam from the eyes of the cowards,
I’ll take every bullet,
every arrow,
I want to take it, lift it from you,
Let me take your place,
Let me bear the hate.

Let Your Light Shine

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