I’m crazy. Are you?

It’s Wednesday, I’ve got some thing to say, if you don’t like it. Just send it right back.


Since my Neurologist switched my prescription I have to take it twice a day. One and a half in the morning and One and a half at night. Do you know how hard it is to break/cut a pill. Hard. Like a stiff piece of wood. This morning while cracking said pill the other half shot across the room on the floor. Normally I am an obsessive germaphob. I picked that bad boy up and swallowed it like a champ. Confession, I may have ingested a deadly bacteria, but on the plus side, I took my medicine on time. Yay!


I am bitter today. Men should be required to have period once in their lifetime to understand what it is like. Seriously. I don’t even need them to have the gross nasty part of a period. I just want them to experience the emotional rampage that occurs. I’m happy, no wait, I’m really really sad. Where is a knife when I need one? I want to chop all of my hair off because I don’t feel pretty, I want to eat everything that I touch and I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. How am I supposed to eat healthy when my period makes me think about everything else. Food loves me. Is it fair that I ignore that love? Confession, I’m an emotional wreck this week. I stay really quiet at work during this time and it is best for others to stay away. I’m like a human land mine.


I tripped over my sandal walking into work. Twice. Typically this would be funny to me. Today, I kind of hoped inside that I would fall down and need stitches just so I didn’t have to come into work. I really needed to stay home and watch chic flicks and cry. I still want to. Confession, I need to cry today. Not because something is wrong, just because. Life.


Now that I have finished writing this post I am in a better mood. That’s what happens with periods. You never know when that shift will occur. Lunch may be a sad time because I’m eating healthy and no one wants to eat healthy during this part of the month. Click the links below to check out some other fabulous blogs written by people who are not as crazy as I am. You’re welcome.


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26 thoughts on “I’m crazy. Are you?

  1. the hormones; i can’t even. there are times i pms hard and my husband is like, wtf.
    last month, my husband unplugged my phone from the usb charger, i freaked the hell out and yelled that he thinks his stuff is more important than mine. i can’t believe how mad i was that he did that. he looked at me with a bewildered look on his face and said, “but your phone is already at 100%”. then i smiled and said “ok, thanks!” and walked away. poor guy hahahaha

  2. I’m so with you!
    Men have no idea – and – I have had days when I just wish SOMETHING would give me a good enough reason to go home and CRY IT OUT (while watching BAD TV/MOVIES with a pint of ICECREAM)

    And, I got tired of pills SHOOTING across the counter/room – and I got a pill cutter – I know it’s SO old lady-esque… perhaps invest in one?

    But, yeah, when meds hit the floor – somehow my OCD goes out the window, and I blow on it and take it!

  3. Oh that time of the month. I hate it so much. And yeah, boys have zero idea what it feels like. Kevin will be like “let’s go to the pool. let’s do this and this and this.” And I’m over here practically making love to my heating pad saying, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! DO YOU SEE WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH?!!!” and then five minutes later I’ll be like, “Hey, let’s go to the pool!”

    • Oh yea. It is the most unexplainable part of being female. I mean it can be explained but I can’t explain why I am crazy today and I don’t need help from a guy either. LOL

  4. seriously yes to the men needing to have a period. just so they know we arent making this shit up. honestly have no idea how to break a pill in half, no thank you!

  5. You should go to your pharmacy and grab a pill cutter. They exist. It has a tiny blade, and it’s in a little box, so when you cut it, it doesn’t fly everywhere. 🙂 Also, I feel ya on that men should have period once in their lives. They just don’t know.

  6. I hate hormones, and I think you are on to something that “period days” need to be included in benefits packages. I have a good friend who works in HR, gonna ask him what he thinks. We should totally make this a thing.
    Hope your day got better ❤

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