VMA’s: MTV-Yonce

Did you watch the VMA’s last night? I sure didn’t but you better bet your bottom dollar that the first thing I did this morning was look up my BFF’s performance. Queen Bey did not disappoint. However, I am a bit concerned that she may be trying to cause me to have a seizure with all of that strobe light craziness at the beginning. In addition, I can tell my period is rapidly approaching by simply counting the times I teared up. SIX. At the end when she sings to her daughter I fell apart like my two-year old son does when he can’t get his shoes off. If you missed it, Click Here for the link to the video. MTV’s embedded code is being a super douche so I put it on the page for you but it may or may not work. If you have never attended a Beyoncé concert, this is what they are like. Except she changes her outfit at least 25 times. Flawless.

May I also point out that Taylor Swift’s outfit and dance moves allowed for some comic relief when I was trying to contain myself. Not included in the above video is the presentation of the award. Jay Z and Blu came on stage and little Blu was not too shy to speak into the mic. She is just getting prepared for when she collaborates with my son on their wedding day. I don’t care enough about the awards show to check out everyone else’s performance. Did I miss anything else? Aside from Nicki Minaj humping the floor like a 12 year old boy. I did also hear that the Kardashian sisters got some crap for being on their cell phones when Common took a moment of silence for Mike Brown and Ferguson. I’m not surprised by these ladies but I’m not going to trash them at this point… Twitter already has. MTV hates the Kardashians clearly…


Moving on, real life. I start a new diet bet today that is hosted by Skinny Meg. You can click her button on my right hand bar. If you would like to join Click Here . Since today is the first day please be nice to me. I am going to be kind of sad without chocolate and Cherry Coke. Also, my nephew nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge; so now I basically have to do it tonight. Do you want to see it?

I leave you with a beautiful picture. Have a great week friends.



8 thoughts on “VMA’s: MTV-Yonce

  1. I’m kinda digging that she calls herself “Skinny Meg.” LOL, reminds me of Fat Amy from “Pitch Perfect.” Good luck with the new diet! I didn’t watch the VMA’s, I watched the most disappointing series finale of True Blood. I have to look up T-Swifty’s performance, I can’t freaking stand her. Happy HAPPY Monday, and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet and generous donation. It means the world, and like I said, makes me realize how amazing this blogging community is! ❤

    • I know right! I never watch award shows but I love some Beyoncé. I didn’t watch Taylor’s performance.. I was talking about what she had on during Beyoncé’s. I am not that fashion forward but to me it looked like an adult onesie with long sleeves and not pants.. kind of like what Bey had on… lol. Always makes me laught. No problem on the donation, I wish I could have done more. 🙂 I do love the blogging community as well. So many supportive people.

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