Things that made me laugh this week

We could all use a bit of laughter this week. Let’s start out with a popular trend that has been raping my Facebook and Instagram feeds. The ice bucket challenge. The challenge itself doesn’t make me laugh; the epic failures do. Thankfully this link will take you to a site that has compiled these lovely humans into one video. Below are my favorites. Enjoy.







Steve Harvey was by far, the best reaction to the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s only one minute. Laugh!

How am I just now finding out about this YouTuber ? She is hilarious and posts videos twice per week. This is my favorite so far. It makes me laugh, out loud, with no sound.. it’s that good.


 Here is the full video.




Those were just a few quick glimpses. I was going to give you more but I got tired of making GIFs. It takes some time to get the times correct. I hope these made you laugh today. They are some of my new fav’s. See everyone Monday.

Friday Favorites


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