I don’t even know…


Naptime is a part of life that I will always miss. Just look at him back there looking all sweet and peaceful. I swear, God made kids looks so precious when they are asleep to compensate for the crazy one endures while they are awake. It’s not all the time that I want to scalp myself, only occasionally. (sidenote: look at how tiny my top lip is… lipstick could have made that girl look a bit more lively..)


Later that day we would enjoy a fun game of ‘sit under the blanket and laugh’. This game was so much fun. I don’t even know why it was hilarious.. it just was.

I put that picture up as a reminder that football season will be starting soon. Our season (Louisville Cardinals) will begin on September 1st. vs. Miami. This is a blackout game. We will win. If you don’t like football that much you can stop reading here because I am just going to ramble.

Last season, the Louisville Cardinals beat the Miami Hurricanes in the Russell Athletic Bowl 36-9. Here are a few reminders.

mon.5We get hype and Miami watches

mon.4We score touchdowns

mon.6We make sac’s.

There are a few different things happening this season. Our football coach left for a job at Texas. We have a new coach that has been our coach in the past. I’ll do a post on him Friday because well… I am a bit skeptical. Our quarterback went to the league and our backup saw little field time. This season is going to be interesting. One thing is for sure; regardless of the outcome, I love these guys. I LOVE FOOTBALL! Happy week to you!



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