Friday Fav’s: Cluster

I have been fighting the urge to spend money and it is killing me everyday. I want to buy stuff! Like now. Spend all of my money on things I don’t need just because I want to. This would interfere with the system I have started which includes saving dollars and paying bills. Ultimately having the goal to start paying larger amounts on my debt so I can get the man off my back. Instead of buying things, I load my online shopping cart and look at it and then close the page. I also have been browsing some DIY ideas on pinterest and have found some that I want in my house by tomorrow. Let’s get to the pictures.

fridayfavThis primer is the truth. I’ve gotten a sample from Sephora and I want it… $31 so nope.

fridayfav.1I sampled this guy as well. I love it!… $76.00 Heck no!

fridayfav.2This tinted moisturizer is the business. $49.00 (insert sad face)

fridayfav.3This DIY bench on Pinterest. May try to persuade my grandpa and bf to collaborate on making this storage bench for me. Different colors though.

fridayfav.4This guy saying..”I’m checking out Pizza.” What does that tell you about me?

fridayfav.5This picture. I love the unity. I would love for us to stay united in this way until something changes. We forget things too quickly and then get upset when it happens again. The injustices continue and we should be outraged. What if this was your child? your friend? your city? Rights are violated on a daily basis and we don’t do anything. More to come on this next week. I am trying to keep Friday as fun as possible however I feel the need to point this out. Have a great weekend. Say a prayer for our nation and more importantly for the people of Ferguson.


12 thoughts on “Friday Fav’s: Cluster

    • I love them too! I just want to get my debt paid down before I buy anything like that, especially with my son’s bday in September and Christmas quickly approaching. Maybe I should ask for them for Christmas 🙂

  1. Damn, I wish I had a Costco around me so I could see if they have the GlamGlo like Amanda mentioned above. Rimel makes a primer that I love, it was $8, and fills in my pores well. I’m sure not like Benefit, but you can’t beat the price! Me likey that bench!

    • I know right! I tried to see if Costco online would give me their price to see if it would be worth the membership but it wouldn’t… such a tease. I will have to try that Rimel primer as well! I am trying to stay pretty cheap over here. lol

  2. I love that bench idea! I’ve been hounding Joey to build one for our hallway so the kids have someplace to sit down and put on their shoes in the morning but he hasn’t gotten around to it yet. In fact, he hasn’t gotten around to much lately. Lol. My main focus right now is the kitchen and I’ve been dying for these granite tiles for the countertops but they cost $6 per sq. ft. and I’m gonna need a lot. So my goal is to buy one case of tiles every pay period. Keep it on budget.

    • You should def do a before after of the kitchen! I love before and afters.. I get addicted to HGTV when they do remodels. Sounds like you have an excellent plan in place budget wise!

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