Hair Transformation

Finally. The process of re-doing the red hair has been completed. I have received two different responses so far. People love it. or “it’s interesting.” I like it. I’m getting closer to 30 and every year I feel like I am getting to old to do fun things with my hair and nails. Why is that? I think I should be able to do whatever I want at any age. Then I think about embarrassing my son by trying to look like a 20 something when I am in my 30s. It’s going to be hard enough on him considering he has such a good looking mother. (sipping on my Kanye juice this morning.) For those who care… here are before/after photos from the fade to the fad.

thursFaded hair.. young 22 year old hair stylist taking my pic.

thurs.1Much better.. Check out that sleeping face in the mirror.

thurs.3As of this morning she is still holding on.

I’ve been trying to decide if I should update my picture to reflect my new color… I don’t know how long it will stay this way so it has been a tough decision. Not really all that bad… but you know. Some of my IG followers have asked for a hair tutorial. Is this something you guys would want to see as well?

One small story for you now. This flyer has been going around Facebook and people are starting to get scared.

thurs.2Sorry for the screenshot folks.

I don’t think this is going to happen. Call me naïve. I am afraid of things that aren’t really that scary. There have been close to a dozen armed robberies of individuals walking around downtown in the past month. I work downtown. I walk around downtown. I’m not afraid. I think that some kids made the poster as a joke. I don’t take things like this so hard….

If I die this weekend I’ll be sure to blog about it on Monday. Until then. Have a great day.


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