Thugged out confessions

I confess to screaming Thug Life when I am doing absolutely nothing thug related. We all have to dream right?


I confess to being addicted to Shellac and not knowing how I will survive when my current nail situation comes off. I am trying not to spend money on things I don’t need and shellac, I don’t need. I do NEED pedicures though. I can shred a sheet in one nights sleep if I don’t take care of these bad boys.


I confess to peeing on public toilet seats 92% of the time. I squat over the seat and I don’t pay attention to my aim. I wipe it off when I am finished… Better then some of you that leave your poop behind. Just nasty.


I confess to Instagram stalking anyone that may have a slight bit of drama going on in their life. Famous or not. I can’t help it. We all know reality TV isn’t real but Instagram is. It is always real and it is always true. No one ever uses filters on Instagram, ever.


I confess to watching the Disney channel alone at night. I was going to completely disconnect my cable and internet but I just couldn’t. Instead I saved about $30 month by cutting back to the family plan. Meaning I can’t watch anything except Jessie or Girl Meets World late at night. I’m not even mad about it. Until football season starts. Then I may cry.


I confess to having worked out ZERO times this week. I helped my mom move over the weekend and mowed my lawn.. both of which made me feel super exhausted… bad excuse; I’m aware.


There you have it. Go check out these link-ups and have a great Wednesday!

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20 thoughts on “Thugged out confessions

  1. I totlly think I could have been a thug. Nope, not even close though. I LOVE my shellac nails. I can’t have nice nails on my own, I need someone to do them for me.

  2. I think I accidentally left a comment on a June 25th confessions post. not sure how I managed that. Anywho….

    Im with ya on the mandatory pedi’s. If I didn’t keep that shit taken care of, I would tear the shit out of Steve’s poor legs when we sleep. I could also blame the scratches on the cats.

    You can judge me all you want, but I don’t squat on toilets. I end up practically falling over if I try.

    I still haven’t seen Girl Meets World

    • Oh yea. Not to mention they feel so amazing! Everyone doesn’t have to squat while they pee. It is quite a difficult task to master.. Former drunk Christina almost busted her face a million times trying not to sit down… lol

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