Color… or nah

My hair is a different color! Yay! Although, there has been a good amount of fading in only a couple of days so that kind of has me a bit irritated. I know that red fades quickly but seriously. It’s only Monday. Yes, I have been using special shampoo. I am going to call today to find about getting the color re-added. In other news, I think I am going to post a creative writing piece 1-2 times per week. That should keep me from getting to overwhelmed on that front. I don’t want to sacrifice content. Let’s get this hair transformation out of the way.. Yay for pictures!

color Step 1: Dirty hair=ready for color.

color.1Step 2: Foil hair to lift color (selfies start to get awkward at this point)

color.2Step 3: I’m a weird looking blonde sneaking selfies

color.3Step 4: Let’s add some color back to this head

color.4Final selfie taken in the car after I curled my own hair. Stylists never get it right

I loved this color. Too bad it lasted all of that day only. Let me try to get a picture to show what it looks like now… one sec.

color.6This is me right now. Bathroom Selfie!!

If my hair is going to fade that quickly I’d be better off handling it on my own. I’m going to call today about getting this red fixed because I’m a bit annoyed.

In other news. Look what Reese’s has done.


This may be the death of me. Just as good as the Reese egg that come out during Easter. Go eat one or nah.


8 thoughts on “Color… or nah

  1. oh my gosh your hair looks amazing in the pic right after but hot damn i would be so effing mad if it faded that quickly too. i would absolutely demand they fix it for free.

  2. OMG i loved the colour! How on earth did it only last one day? What the heck! I dye my own hair (jet black though) but it lasts a while. Girl I would go back and show the hairdresser that ish and tell her do it over for free! Anyhoo you are gorgeous so the ‘new’ colour still looks great but you paid for the red so go get it!

    • Thank you! That’s what I am saying. I did call and I am going back tomorrow to get it fixed for free. They were pretty nice about it. You are too sweet girl! I have died my own hair red before and it lasted longer; that’s why I was mad about it. For now I am having confidence that they will get it together.

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