Eternal nightlight


Lately I have noticed, the moon being so bright, shadows cast across my face, my eyes absorb the light.

Looking up I see the strength,  stoic beauty in the night. You have watched me all along, kept me in your sight.

Shifting shapes appear above, reflections of sunlight. Deceptive mirror images, never knowing which is right.

Tenacity and steadiness, never opting to fight. Consistently steadfast, doing what is right.

Lately I have noticed, your presence in daylight. Honestly naked, unnoticed, yet still bright.

Unappreciated actions, not in my line of sight. You’ve been there waiting, no need for an invite.

Gazing up again, soul filled with delight. Watching as the sky falls, to see you reignite.

It’s official, I have posted my first poem on the blog. What do you guys think? Do you like it? Hate it? Be honest. I am getting my hair colored today and I am ecstatic! I’ll make sure to get a before pic to show you the results friends! Happy Friday!






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