Close your eyes

My mind is my fortress

Housing the words that dance around

Creating the stories that I sometimes ramble about

I have the imagination of a child

With the maturity of a my grandmother

wrapped in with her sense of humor

Those who know me are aware of my ability to wander

I can create a story on any subject and continue it until it feels like a movie

I can see it in my mind as if the film were already created

It morphs as it builds and rolls along

Comical more often as I add nonsensical words and actions

The characters may be real or otherwise not

I can go wherever I want with my words

Right now I am standing in a lush field of purple that goes on for miles

My shoes fit perfectly; I stand comfortable and I am content

Feeling the wind blowing through my hair as I breathe deeply

I close my eyes and inhale.

If I sit here long enough, it feels as though I am there

I hold back a bit in my writing; both in ideas and style

I hesitate to share my true capabilities.

What if I set the bar too high for myself?

What if no one cares?

Should that even matter? No

I feel the need to release my creativity and remove the restriction.

I want to feel free, the way it feels when I go to that place; to that purple field

That is where I feel safe. That is where I feel free. That is where I can write.

I will still make posts about periods and my life because those are funny.. I want to put a bit more creativity and push myself; she what I am capable of. I don’t know if I can contain my excitement about sharing some new stuff with you. I feel like I’ll have more unique material. I also bought some books yesterday and I am going to start to read again. You know, other than blogs… Also, say goodbye to the hair color below. Tomorrow it will be gone. I got a little heavy handed on the filtering and made myself look jaundice. You’re welcome.


Let Your Light Shine

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