These are my confessions

Vodka and Soda

I confess that I had no idea who Ian was the entire month that I have been participating in the confessions link up. I finally googled him today. He was on Lost and the Vampire Diaries. I didn’t watch either of those shows so I don’t feel as bad for not knowing who he was.

I confess to sleeping way past my alarm everyday this week and not giving a truck. This comes just a few short days after telling my bf that I am going to put more effort into getting ready for work.

I confess that I don’t care if you can still see the pillow print on my cheek when I get to work in the morning.

I confess to considering writing about Kanye again today but I figured you may just be tired of it.

I confess to stalking to read all the reviews about my former employer and then getting mad when someone has something good to say. Lies! All lies!

I confess to eating a sausage biscuit this morning instead of protein and fruit. It wasn’t that good.

I confess to eating Chipotle for the first time yesterday. I’ve been on Qdoba forever and it felt wrong but it tasted so good! If Chipotle had queso I may never go back to Qdoba… but they don’t.

I confess to rarely proofreading my blog posts before I hit publish and then I have to go back and edit it at least 2-27 times. Terrible habit.

I confess to not having anything to really say this week. It seems like I am all out of ideas and its only hump day.

I apologize for the laziness of this post and hope to be inspired to share some amazing reads with you ASAP. If I come up with something good I may just even post twice in one day! Say what?!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

22 thoughts on “These are my confessions

  1. Whenever I decide that I’m going to get up early and take on the world in a better zone I end up oversleeping! lol Murphy’s law 😉

  2. oh girl I almost wrote about Kanye … he gave an epic deposition in court about being the smartest celebrity. It was blog worthy but I didnt include it. haha the man just gives soooooo much good (read bad) blog material! haha

  3. Glad you filled me in on who Ian was because I had no idea either – just been going with the flow. Also, if you like Qdoba and Chipotle I recommend Cafe Rio – it’s my fave!

    • I just had to Google Café Rio… There isn’t one anywhere near me and now I want it! I guess I’ll have to wait and plan a vacation soon just to eat it. I love Mexican food!

  4. I haven’t had Chipotle or Qdoba.. so I can’t even weigh in on that conversation.
    Ian Somerhalder is GORGEOUS. He is one of the sole reasons I watch The Vampire Diaries ha ha!

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