My friend Beyoncé decided to drop a remix to Flawless late one night as a way to surprise everyone once more. (LISTEN) The remix featured Nicki Minaj and was decent.. nothing to do a backflip about. This article on Buzzfeed however, made life so much better. People really love some Beyoncé.

You can click on the link to see the whole article, here are some of my favorite posts.


I wonder How Jay feels about this one


I can’t with this one


There are plenty of other things in the article for you to enjoy so I’ll let you get to that on your own. I spoke to Beyoncé (read about our friendship HERE) about her  recent actions and she told me that all she did was get some Kanye-fidence (get yours HERE) and now life is the way it is.

Beyoncé has not completely taken on Kanye’s tendencies. She has yet to break a camera of any paparazzi that follow her all over. If she starts swinging on people I will take full responsibility for my part in spreading Kanye-fidence across the globe thus turning Beyoncé into Kan-yonce.

One thing that we all should take away from Beyoncé is to always do whatever it is you want to do regardless of whether it was done that way previously. If you don’t like Beyoncé that’s cool, you probably shouldn’t say it out loud because her people may come for you but you have to give her credit. After all, she could be acting like Kanye. Happy Tuesday friends!



9 thoughts on “Kan-Yonce?

    • Glad could give you a good laugh! I have been a bit dry on ideas lately so I need to step it up a bit. Can’t talk about Kanye everyday.. really I could but that would be lame. maybe…

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