No Relation


Fabulous Chick Gets Fit posted this on Instagram and I love it. I figured you might find it equally entertaining so please, feel free to share it on the interweb. Also, I plan to do a giveaway soon. I’m not sure on the day so just check back to see when it is! You’ll love it.

In other news, I can’t wait until Friday! I know it’s only Monday but on Friday I am getting my hair colored! I have had to wait 3 weeks since I scheduled my appointment and the torture I have endured is killing me. According to Instagram it has been about 20 weeks (5 months) since I colored my hair last. I NEVER go that long. No wonder it is killing me on the inside.


Another completely unrelated topic…. I went to the gym after work on Thursday only to discover that I forgot to put socks in my gym bag. Fail. I wore sandals to work that day. Needless to say I was not going to just leave the gym without working out. Not wearing socks with shoes can lead to some terrible smelling feet/shoes and I was not about to taint my workout shoes forever. I simply decided to workout until I could feel my feet sweating and then leave; no cardio obviously. Lately I have been working on being able to do a pull-up. I am secretly trying to accomplish this before my friend Kara (secrets out). I used the machine that assists in pull-ups and dips. Let me tell you! My arms and back were sore for DAYS! I can finally lift my arms up without feeling like I may pass out from pain. Totally worth it though.sockless

Yesterday I morphed into a lumber-jack and started to cut branches off of a wild tree that popped up in my back yard and has been on steroids ever since its wild birth. I did not take pictures because I have been a loser lately. Or I have been living my life without pictures as evidence that I’m having a good time. I also went to a baby shower yesterday but I won’t bore you with those details. It was a good time but if you have ever been to a baby shower then you know how it went down.

I’ll go ahead and wrap this post up there because I am too sleepy to think. Have a great first week of August!


8 thoughts on “No Relation

  1. If I got to the gym with no socks I would have legit pouted and walked back to the car. But thats because I mainly do cardio! lol I cant believe its August already and that Ill be 29 in a matter of weeks ugh!

  2. hahahaha bacon and eggs! i freaking love it. i have forgotten things at the gym before but i always forget things to change into (like gym then shower and go to work) like clean underwear or pants. awkward.

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