Squatation: the art of sculpting thy buttox

A couple of you asked for some squat tips from the bf and he obliged my request. Before we get into this, we are not trained professionals, so don’t get all butt hurt (literally, or figuratively) if you do something wrong and try to blame me for giving the info. We are all still friends right? After much research and consultation with people we know that know someone else that has, at some point, trained someone in the art of squatation with weights, the following advice was derived to be used as a beginner.

1. Remember: Butt out, chest up.

2. Place feet shoulder width apart resting bar on your shoulders.

3. Keep toes at a comfortable outward position.

4. Keep chest up and hips back in the downward motion as if sitting in a small chair.

5. Stop movement when hips are slightly lower than your knees.

6. Apply pressure with the heels of your feet.  Don’t simply stand but push as if trying to force your heels through the floor.


The best thing that I learned when my bf was helping me is that when you are in the above position and you are pushing yourself up, pretend that you are trying to push your feet through the floor rather than trying to simply stand up (as mentioned). This method helped me squat more powerfully (if that makes sense.)

I enjoy weight training as a form of working out more so than cardio. I still do cardio because I don’t want to lose it but many people with degrees and stuff say that weight training helps change the shape of your body while losing fat. If I stay consistent enough I can give you some proof. So far this week I have worked out Monday and Tuesday. I may have to sculpt my guns at the office today because I don’t know if I’ll have time to later. Name that quote!!

I’m also considering doing my first GIVEAWAY. Comment if you would love to participate in a giveaway that doesn’t require 89 different steps in order to enter!!

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19 thoughts on “Squatation: the art of sculpting thy buttox

  1. ughhhhh i hate leg day but i do it because killer legs are worth it.

    it is 100% true re: weight training will shape your body like cardio cannot. i did insanity which is king of all cardio programs and at the end, i wasn’t as shredded or lean as i had hoped (hello, burning 800-1200cals per insanity workout?). i was hugely disappointed and i ate 100% clean, within my calorie limit and zero cheating. i then started p90x and after 1.5 months, omfg the difference. not only was i much leaner (i dropped more inches off my waist), i was incredibly toned. p90x only has 1 cardio workout per week; the rest is all lifting.

    • I did insanity as well and did not really have any results at all (besides being able to run faster). I have never tried p90x. Maybe I should so I can have all of the muscles!

  2. Yes! I needed this. I’ve re-started with my 30-day yoga challenge and 5-day hiit challenge so I’m pumped. Every time I do squats I feel so awkward though, like I’m not doing it right so this is SUPER helpful! Trying this out tonight!! And is your bf the one that’s been commenting on your other posts? That’s too cute!

    • Great job on starting it all back up! When doing squats just imagine you are sitting in a chair, you can even do them over a low chair just don’t actually sit down. Let me know how it went. That is him posting those comments also lol. He is a good guy. Also, I don’t have your number, email it to me 🙂

  3. Im starting to warm up to squats … I have a big butt already but hey a little toning never hurt! (if I didnt just do a giveaway I would have totes entered yours .. next time?)

    • Squat it likes it hot! We can definitely team up on a giveaway in the future. I think I’m going to do a solo one first.. that way it will be easy and not a ton of requirements. 🙂

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