Tuesday Updates with Tits McGee

What is my arm doing? Can I not just take a selfie and have my arm look all fashionista esq? Looks like a failed attempt at flexing my baby guns. Welcome to town awkwardo. Check out that dye job though. Someone needs to color their hair, that ombre is looking quite sad. I have an appointment a week from Friday and it is killing me to wait. When I decide I want to change my hair, I want to do it that day. Let’s all hope I don’t change my mind a billion times before that day gets here. Let’s also hope that hoe leaves the scissors on the vanity. You know the saying, cut my hair too short I’ll cut your face. That’s not a saying? Oh.


Anyway, let me update you on my fit journey. I started the week out properly by going to the gym right after work and sweating. I got my butt on the treadmill and made sure I could still run a mile as fast as before. I can. I should have tried to beat my pace but, yea.. I didn’t. Then I did some weighted squats because my butt and thighs need it. I also enjoy the burn the days following. Not being able to sit on a toilet is something I look forward to. I actually never sit on public toilets anyway so the squat over the toilet is quite painful as well. Anyone interested in some squat tips? I have a guy that I kind of know, just a little bit. I think he is my boyfriend. Anyway, he knows some stuff and I can share that knowledge so we can all have a breathtaking hiney.

My emotions have settled and I don’t believe I am a threat to society for at least another 27-28 days so everyone can unlock your doors and let your children play outside again. The wave of crazy seems to have subsided. With that, I have decided to promote myself. If you don’t like it, just stop reading right now. I am a consultant for Thirty-one gifts. The bags are awesome, the people are fantastic. Check out the monthly special that starts on August 1. If you have kids than this lunchbox is the business.

lunch thermals

This will be available to order starting on Friday. Only $10 with every  $35 spent, now that is a steal! You can go to my website to browse and place your order HERE  its very easy! . If you have questions feel free to email me cmarq01@gmail.com. That’s all for today folks. Thanks for hanging around and being the best people ever!


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Updates with Tits McGee

  1. I busted out laughing at your selfie…wait dont get mad.
    My friends joke on me about my ‘crazy hands’ like they do weird stuff when I take pictures and its an ongoing joke. The term “take my strong hand” gets used A LOT…and that reminded me of one of my selfies haha

    I love 31 stuff…I wish I could afford it BOO 😦

    • I am not mad at all! I love making fun of myself and welcome others to join in; especially on a selfie. We have used the “strong hand” in my group of friends many times also! It’s hilarious! Thirty-One does have great stuff. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll do a giveaway 😉

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