Reasons I cried yesterday

My boyfriend wasn’t sitting close enough to me at church


I had to wait to eat lunch about an hour later than usual waiting for my family


My brother chose a restaurant that I didn’t want to eat at


My brother’s fiancé got embarrassed by a comment I made


I had to get gas; it is too expensive


I wanted chocolate. I didn’t have any at home.


We all know that I love to talk about periods and how crazy they make me. Feel free to read here and here if you don’t believe me or for a good laugh. Blogging about it helps me from really falling apart. I don’t usually get so emotional and cry about everything. Usually I have a terrible attitude and get mad about everything. Not to mention, anything that I feel someone has done to me is perceived to have been intentional and they obviously never liked me anyway. Which clearly is not true because who would want to be around such unpleasant behavior when they don’t have to if not for liking me? It’s not like I pay an entourage. It’s also not like when I was in high school and some girls would hang out with me because they thought one of my 5 brothers were hot and since I was the only sister they were just trying to get close to them and never really wanted to play with me. I’m not bitter.

For all you awesome women that survive the dreaded week prior to the flood gates opening without committing assault I commend you. More importantly I would like to recognize all of the men in our lives that stick around when we are 50 shades of crazy. We have to remember, they will NEVER really understand what it is like to be out of your mind insane with little to no control over your emotional state. The fact that they try to be nice is commendable. If they give you chocolate and Cheetos, they deserve a medal or something.

If you are like me and the crimson tide is on its way in, just eat some fried chicken dipped in chocolate and cry while watching Judge Judy. You can’t control it anyhow so just go ahead and let your body handle its business.

Are you crazy emotional prior to that dreaded monthly occurrence? Anyone else cry for stupid reasons?


10 thoughts on “Reasons I cried yesterday

  1. LMFAO! Seriously, this has been me for the past few days. I don’t really get my period physically (I’m on the Mirena) but I still get the emotional shit that comes with it once a month. On Sunday I was a bitch and a half because I wanted some kind of ice cream with chocolate (like a fudge-dipped cone or something with chocolate coating) and instead Joey and the kids got me a cookie ice cream sandwich. I was so irritated and then ended up getting mad about other shit like the table not being cleared and toys all over the living room so I just blasted my Beyonce and went on an angry cleaning spree. You know, where you’re cleaning but you’re being a bit more forceful on purpose so that everyone would get the hint and start doing shit too. Lol. Needless to say I got a whole bag of chocolate yesterday.

    • I have the Mirena too but I have a very slight period still. I love obnoxious cleaning sprees! It totally gets the point across! Glad you got some chocolate though! My bf got me some chocolate and Cheetos yesterday so he earned some bonus points! If they are super nice and feed us during that time, life is really not all that bad. Also, they can watch the movie Selena and cry with us. That will help. Thanks for reading all those posts and commenting, you are amazing!

  2. haha before I even read it was that time of the month I was gonna say YUP shes PMS-ing big time…. I would know because I am currently just coming off the same mood swinging. We are the same. That is all!

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