Friday rants

Ever work with someone that makes you consider doing negative things to them if you saw he or she outside of the office? For instance, they are walking across a vacant parking lot, and are unaware of your presence. Crouching down like a lioness preparing to attack her pray, you take off running as fast as your feet will take you, wrap your arms are him/her and take them down. Victorious you stand looking down at your victim, smile slightly, then turn to walk away.


I have had this thought multiple times in life about different people I have had to work with. People may have even felt this way about me however, I find this very unlikely. I mean, who wouldn’t like to be around me? I’m a pretty good time. As long as I’m feed, not too sleepy and not on my period.


I am the type of person that comes to work and gets stuff done. IN SILENCE! I don’t need to tell everyone what I am doing, announce to the world how overwhelmed I am, or even tell my boss every single time I complete a task that was requested. Don’t get me wrong, I converse with my fellow employees and ask or answer questions when needed. For the most part, I am just doing my job as quickly and efficiently as possible so I can leave work on time. Any interferences that are relentlessly annoying do not mesh well with me.


I hate someone that complains about every single thing, all the time. If you have a personal problem in your life everyday that a crisis then I just can’t deal with you. Not being able to find two of the same socks is no reason to be so dramatic. Also, if you are wearing pants then your socks don’t need to match. Who cares? I don’t care. Sometimes I even were capris without making sure my legs are freshly shaved. That is just life. Do I think my coworkers care? No. Because they don’t.


When I want senseless drama I reach for my T.V. remote and watch the Bad Girls Club because lord knows, there will be a fight over someone eating a hot pocket that was not theirs. I like joke around just as much if not more than most. I do not like to listen to people complain about life. It could always be worse. ALWAYS. I complain to people close to me. Not because I think it isn’t annoying but because I know they care about me enough to entertain my nonsense until I get on my own nerves.


Today is Friday. Everything will be wonderful. Also, I just realized that this post counts as complaining so maybe I love you guys or something. Why else would I be telling you all of this crap that you don’t even care about? or do you? You stay classy, planet earth.


14 thoughts on “Friday rants

  1. venting is one thing; we all vent. most of my posts these past 2 months were vents about this one dillhole on my project. but complainers – ugh, i can’t even. i was so tired of this one person complaining all the GD time and i had enough so i legit told him: if you hate it so much, then DO something about it! complaining isn’t going to change anything! he wasn’t pleased but i sure as hell felt a lot better! 😀

    • I agree with you 100%. I just can’t tolerate stupid. You have to change things that bother you that much or you will always be miserable! Thanks for swinging by.

  2. Thankfully I am the only employee here and the other 2 are my bossess…no mindless drama unless a loan closing goes wrong then I want to hide under my desk.

  3. I’m the same at you as work. I have friends I talk with, but for the most part I don’t partake in chit chat and mindless banter. And yes, there are a few I would looooove to strangle!

  4. We are totally one and the same. I try to be friends with everyone at work but when you’re constantly complaining or calling in sick or trying to take credit for shit you didn’t do, that will piss me off to no end. I just try to get my shit done (and blog) and go home. I don’t care about whatever event you went to or whatever you purchased over the weekend. IDGAF. Unless it can’t fit you and you want to give it to me, just let me sit in my cubicle in peace so I can count down the hours until I get to go home, have a drink and go to sleep.

    • Exactly! That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Just the other day someone was said “we are like family right Christina?” I said “sure”. Uh nope, not even close man… Family is a word I don’t use lightly my fellow coworker. lol

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