To Don’t List

With the recent purchase of my car I have been going over my finances like an OCD perfectionist. Yesterday I started listening to Dave Ramsey’s live broadcast because I needed to get some motivation. I have been stressed out about all of this lately and my face is breaking out something terrible. Thankfully my hair can cover it up most of the time.


Anyhow, the most valid point that stuck with me was when one of the ladies (can’t remember her name) said that instead of making to do lists, first you should make a “stop doing list” because in order to do something first you need to stop doing other things. It is like an alternative way to look at accomplishing things in life. I think I like it. Although, I have to admit I have never created a ‘to don’t list’ Here are some things that I need to don’t.

  1. Stop using negative words like “can’t”, “never”, or “won’t”
  2. Unsubscribe to store coupons that trick me into spending money because “It’s a good deal.”
  3. Stop using PayPal and/or credit cards
  4. Stop procrastinating

I think that is enough restriction for one post. Especially because it is hard to do stop doing something that has become a bad habit. As with any bad habit it, is going to take time to stop and start making good choices. Many of you gave me excellent suggestions on how to start a budget and I have implemented some of those things into my life. It takes 90 days for a budget to work and I did quit before that point. I am starting again on August 1. I will not let money keep me down. I have a lot of debt, most of which is student loan debt. Approximately 76.2% of my overall debt is from student loans and it makes me sick.

I do not want to live the rest of my life owing money to someone else. I am aware that this is the way that many people live in America. It’s just not for me. I can’t stand not being able to use my own money. I have worked hard to get where I am professionaly and I would feel more rewarded for working if I actually got to spend some of it. Not to mention having an attractive savings account. Nothing says “check out that sexiness” like a FAT savings account. I know I can do this. I have paid down debt before and was able to use my own money. This time was different and I dug myself in deeper but I will get out of it.

The stress will be eliminated, I will feel fantastic and I will have clear skin again! (without using Proactiv) I will not look like a pubescent teenager for the rest of my life! Who’s with me? Who wants to have clear skin and a balanced budget?


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