A Day in the Life of Me…Morning Edition


My alarm clock starts going off at 6:05am. I hit snooze.

6:13 my alarm goes off again. This time I am confused and can’t figure out how to snooze it. Finally hit snooze again, after what feels like 10 seconds my alarm goes off.

6:22. Snooze it one more time. This is the last time and not by choice.

6:25 My son wakes up saying “Mommy, I had a good sleep.” “Mommy, I want to go in the living room.” “Mommy, I want to watch cartoons while you take a shower.”

6:28 He goes to the potty and then I put him on the couch and turn on cartoons.

6:30 I get naked and stand on the scale. Today I was down (probably all that protein and healthy food I ate yesterday) so that gave me an extra happy step.

6:32 Get in the shower and wash everything as fast as possible because I have to pay for water and I’m not about to take my time.

6:35 My son comes in the bathroom and opens the shower curtain. “Mommy, you takin’ a shower?”…… “Yes, now go back in the living room.”

6:40 Shower over.

6:45 Dry off, lotion up, put on a cami and underwear.

6:47 Moisturizer all over my face, q-tips in my ears

6:48 Spray damage control in my damp hair and start make-up (not much time so it will be a simple make-up/hair day)

6:55 Make-up complete, brushing hair begins

6:58 Blow-dry and brush hair upon completion.

7:05 Put remaining clothes on

7:07 Take lunch out of the refrigerator, turn off the house alarm.

7:08 Change my son, lotion him up and put his shoes on. Sweating begins.

7:12 Get all of my bags (3-4 depending on the days plans) and head to the car.

7:15 Leave to drop my son at daycare

7:28 Arrive a daycare

7:34 Leave daycare and head to work

7:38 Clock in at work

7:39 Check the time and see how long before I get to go home.

7:40 Make protein shake at work and drink that… work day begins

As you can see my morning is lame. Depending on how many times I hit snooze will determine what my hair/make-up are going to be like. There is no time to stop for breaks during the morning routine because I am sure to get as much sleep as humanly possible. I really need to stop hitting snooze so much. What is your morning routine?



8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Me…Morning Edition

  1. Wow you’re a fast mover!

    Last night was our first night with two puppies instead of one, so my morning routine just changed up a little bit. It’s a lot more hectic than it was with just one puppy haha.

    • Oh yea! When I take my time to get ready it can take about an hour and a half. I grew up with 5 brothers and one bathroom so quick was the only way. Dogs definitely make it more hectic! Puppies are the best though!

  2. Oh that bloody alarm. I have to set two because I never hit snooze I always unconsciously turn it off and go back to sleep hahah so I set like 2 – 3 depending on the level of tiredness the night (early morning) before.

  3. Lol. The snooze button was made for people like us. I tried moving the alarm clock to my desk so it’s a little farther away, but nope still doesn’t work. I get up, walk to turn it off, and plop right back down in bed. Luckily it’s summer and my office is only like 7 minutes away so I can roll out of bed at 7am and still have plenty of time to get ready.

    Once school starts though, I will need to be waking up MUCH earlier because my kids are a pain to get up in the morning. Plus, Trace will be starting school this year and he’s definitely NOT a morning person so I’d have to set aside more time just to get him up, feed him, and get him going to school. Definitely not looking forward to that. And it doesn’t help that Joey works at 6am so I’m basically the one that gets all three of the kids ready in the morning.

    • Girl! Just this morning I thought that I need to move my time on the alarm clock because I just sleep way too long and rush way too much! School starting always makes things more difficult, especially with traffic! I admire you, your morning will be much more hectic than mine!

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