Refocus + Recap

I found this little gem on Instagram over the weekend and it spoke volumes to me. Not just when it comes to my goals fitness wise but when it comes to life. When I get my schedule set up correctly I can plan my week to be sure that I get 5 workouts in. I struggle more with eating healthy. Why? Food is delicious, duh. For my body to transform to what I am want, I must be consistent with what I eat. I did well Monday-Thursday and then enjoyed my life the rest of the weekend which basically cancelled out the weekday successes.

That may sound like a terrible way to look at food but it is the truth. I enjoy eating unhealthy, so shot me. I will never be someone that can eat healthy every day of the week. I need at least one day to remind myself that I am not deprived. So, if you have struggled to keep up your fitness and eating goals just GET UP! Don’t stop just because you ate 2 bacon egg and cheese biscuits for breakfast on Friday, then a giant tub of popcorn at the movie theater followed by delicious Famous Dave’s Barbeque. Then on Saturday you ate pizza dipped in cheese sauce for lunch and grilled cheese for dinner. Don’t worry about Sunday’s massive Mexican food lunch where you ate all of your food with extra cheese and then had left over pizza for dinner. Just remember, that is in the past. You can’t change it. You can change your future. Do not eat bad for an entire weekend… Christina.

Now that we have that out of the way. Here is my weekend in the form of pictures. Friday was amazing. If you have not seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes you need to watch that first, then you need to go to the movie theater and watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Trust me, its not what you think. I was hesitant at first but it is fantastic! I cried. (Just don’t eat an entire bag of popcorn while watching these movies.) I had to watch the first since my bf and I were going to the movies Friday. We loved it and then we ate this.

recapIt’s in a to-go box because I was still pretty full from the popcorn. Don’t worry, it got eaten.

Saturday morning I took my attic from this…


….to this


I did some weighted leg lifts.


and hung out with this guy


What is this? A man-eating mosquito? I murdered him and need to know if I should be worried if his friends are going to try to avenge his death…


It was a great weekend full of eating and laughing and being very productive. I hope you had a great one! Thanks for stopping by.


13 thoughts on “Refocus + Recap

  1. Holy shit thats a huge mosquito!
    Girl I eat so bad on the weekends, I work my ass off during the week and I feel like the weekend is my time to relax and not worry about workouts and meal planning..probably why I maintain my weight but whatever I need ‘fun food’ as I call it on the weekends!

    • I know! That thing was IN MY HOUSE! I need to try to eat healthy on weekends as well so I can see more results. I’ve done it plenty of times. just have to keep my mind right.

  2. I know I eat unhealthy regularly. When it comes to eating right I’m a bad influence. Sorry. Maybe I can help you put together some more creative workouts. Do you ever do wildlife yoga? Frog’s pose? Duck squat? Bear’s paw reach around? They great for burning calories. 🙂

    • It’s not your fault. I just need to be more conscious of my choices. I do like the idea of you assisting in the creation of new workouts. I do believe that the ones you have mentioned are partner workouts that we may have tried. Correct?

  3. Your weekend looks awesome!!! First off this is the first thing I found that Im completely opposite to you at. I can eat healthy 7 days a week but exercise is where I struggle to find motivation. if I dont feel it, I dont do it haha. Also good job on the attic. Want to book a ticket and come help me clean??

    • If we could only combine our healthy eating and fitness routines we would have the best physique! I’ve never left mainland U.S. so I definitely need to book a ticket! On my way lol!

  4. Lmfao! That totally sounds like my weekend. Eat, eat, eat some more. Bacon, cheese, pizza, fries, burgers, tacos, alcohol, etc. I try to say I’m going to eat healthy but it never happens. I just can’t eat salads or soups or sandwiches everyday. Even when I have a plan to go and buy a salad from Wendy’s…nope, at the last minute I end up cancelling the salad and getting a Baconator combo instead. But in all fairness, forcing myself to eat a salad or a sandwich or some kind of tasteless boiled chicken when I’m craving a Baconator will only make me miserable and want to keep eating more to get the satisfaction that a big fat cheesy burger would give me.

    And kudos to overhauling that attic! I really need to overhaul my room and clear shit out. I have a whole pile of shit that I’ve been meaning to sell at the flea market but it’s been sitting there for a few months already because I just cannot get my ass outta bed at 4am for that shit. I think maybe this weekend you should text me at 4am my time to get my ass up. Lol. It’d probably be like afternoon your time.

    P.S. HOLY FUCKING MOSQUITO! That shit is like a mutated version of a mosquito. You sure it didn’t escape from a lab somewhere? Planet of the Mosquitos!

    • I can definitely text you and help you get up to go the flea market! I need your phone number though! I also have to hurry up and get this yard sale together also!

      That mosquito is terrifying and I am starting to wonder if I should be afraid for my life! But seriously!

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