Meet them

As I told you yesterday, I am off work today! YAY! CELEBRATION TIME! The bf and I are going to spend some quality time celebrating our relationship and how far we have made it. All the mushy stuff. I can’t think of anything to write today because I’m so full of love and gushy feelings. I save that for the another time. In my absence I suggest checking out some of these ladies to help get through the sorrow of not having my words on your computer screen.

Jessica is one of my people. If she were a dude we would have a bro-mance.

Brittney Breaking Free

Brittney and I have been through very similar situations. She’s my go-to gal.

The Kay Times
Krystal brought my love for Kanye back. She hates him, I laugh at him; same thing. lol

Aisha stole my heart. She is uplifting and keeps me in check without even knowing. She speaks to my shortcomings in her blog posts.

There are at least 25 more that I could recommend but I Don’t want to go on too long! These are the ladies I communicate with most often and support me as well. Show them some love! They deserve to know how wonderful they are!


3 thoughts on “Meet them

  1. You are too sweet! Enjoy mushy time for the weekend!!! Also I saw a picture of Knaye in GQ and I remember when I used to ADORE him… too bad he’s not such an idiot …

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