It’s Thursday and guess who doesn’t have to work again tomorrow? ME!!! That’s 3 Friday’s in a row! I guess last week was not really planned but it was still a day away from work. Today I am linking up with Helene in Between and Venus Trapped in Mars for the Total Social Party. This month it is all about favorites.
Helene in Between

I’m going to hit you with my favorite movie quotes. I love to quote movies. All movies, especially movies that Will Ferrell was in so if you do not like Will Ferrell than you probably will not like this post. I regularly quote them in real life even if the person around me has no idea that it came from a movie. I laugh alone on the inside. Without further ado, let’s get started.

“They’ve done studies you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.” -Brian Fantana, Anchorman

“Maybe we should call ourselves the Febreeze brothers because things are feeling so fresh right now.” -Allen Gamble, The Other Guys

“It was typed in all CAPS so I thought I was supposed to yell it.” -Ron Burgandy, Anchorman 2

“Are you  not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?” -Maximus Decimus Meridius, Gladiator

“I’m in a glass case of emotion!” -Ron Burgandy, Anchorman

“I want to apologize, I’m not even confident on which end that came out of.” -Megan, Bridesmaids

“I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence.” -Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights

“Do you know who I am? I don’t know how to put this but, I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.” -Ron Burgandy, Anchorman

“Say hello to my little friend.” -Tony Montana, Scarface

“You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.” Mrs. Kroeger, Wedding Crashers

“Brennan, that is the voice of an angel. Brennan I can’t even make eye contact with you right now. Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.” — Dale, Step Brothers

I could continue for a long time so I’ll just leave it there for now. Hope you enjoyed some of my favorites. Now hop on over and check out some of the other blogs on today’s link-up.




16 thoughts on “#FavTotalSocial

  1. Great Odin’s raven…I just love that post! You know we could go back and forth for days quoting Will Ferrell!!

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