Monday Funday?

It’s Monday, YAY!!!! Say what? Anyway, I made this little concoction that I found in the Facebook fitness challenge that I am participating in #SMCHALLENGE hosted by Skinny Meg, Fab Chick Gets Fit, and someone else. (you can click on their buttons to the right if you would like to check them out.)

coffeeI used a different brand of protein, 12oz water and added some milk(2-3oz)reasoning below

Those handy little coffee packages actually hold two servings and since I am living life on the edge I tend to not read instructions. Especially on things that seem pretty self explanatory. Mid-pour I see something on the package and realize that this pack actually contains two servings. Well, I have already poured more than half so I just stop there. Have I mentioned before that I don’t really drink coffee? I don’t, I do love the Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino’s, they taste like a milkshake but are packed with a strong punch; much like the ones Muhammad Ali used to hand out. They usually make my heart feel like it is going to beat out of my chest and I am not allowed to sit down for at least 2-3 hours following consumption or I just might sweat myself into dehydration while my legs bounce up and down trying to burn all this energy.

This coffee mix is, of course of the starbucks variety and now I am sitting her typing faster than I think should be humanly possible. Seriously, the thoughts are moving quicker than my fingers can type and I am contemplating moving my chair out of the way and doing a wall sit while I type but without the actual wall. Basically just holding a squat I guess. If you are a consistent coffee drinker you may not understand this feeling but I guarantee people that use meth regularly know exactly what I referring to. Since I have never taken meth I can only assume that this burst of energy is the same. Only this will not last as long as that high. I bet around 11:30 I will have to keep my face from making an intimate connection with the keyboard.

I haven’t even gotten around to tell you how delicious this mixture is. I used to buy pre-made protein drinks that I would have for breakfast but they were kind of expensive and did not have enough protein in them. I’m working on my fitness and trying to sculpt my guns so that when you see me walking down the street you wonder if I have a license to carry or not.

Essentially this post is about nothing but hopefully you look at the recipe at the beginning and decide to give your coffee a make over. It is delicious iced goodness and once we get to know each other better you will realize that if I say something is delicious it is probably true and it is probably cheese or chocolate.

Boom! I’m out. I’ve got work to do before my brain realizes that it is Monday and I am being productive. Side note… my son is fever free and back at daycare today; thanks to everyone for your well wishes! I’m out.


8 thoughts on “Monday Funday?

  1. I used Visalus protein powder, I would mix 1 cup of almond milk, protein powder 2 table spoons of coffee, 1 tbs of cocoa powder and a splash of almond extract OMG sooo good!

    • I know! Who would have ever thought? Plus there is no way of actually determining how much half a pack is without measuring. I don’t have time to do all that now. I’ll just be guessing! lol.

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