I come to you this Friday from my living room. I had to leave work early yesterday because the daycare called to let my know my son had a fever. I didn’t believe them. He had no other symptoms leading up to this so I assumed they were just not capable of taking an accurate temperature. I arrive and the poor guy is laying down while all the other kids are playing. I take his temperature before we leave and he does have a fever. To the doctor we go! After draining the blood from his finger into a tiny tube it comes back as bacterial. They don’t know which bacteria yet since he only has a fever. Strep test came back inconclusive so they are waiting 24 hours on the culture. In the meantime it is likely sinusitis. He is on antibiotics and they will have the results from the strep later today.

He is full of energy and playing this morning with a very slight fever. All good news so far. I just pray that this little guy is not sick all weekend. He doesn’t deserve that and it interferes with our regularly scheduled lives. We need to have fun out side all weekend long and I am not cool with whatever this is invading my sons body. I guess its helping to build his immune system so there’s that.

I had a really cool post planned for today but I guess being at home makes it difficult for me to focus so be on the lookout for that gem next week. My creativity does not exist when my son is around; I still love that kid! Hopefully yesterday’s post gave you enough of a giggle to make it through the weekend. Have a safe one! What are your plans?


10 thoughts on “Freeday

  1. kids and sudden fevers. what’s with that? i don’t get it either – one day they’ll be just fine and then 10mins later, fever and feeling awful. don’t they feel that coming on like how we feel like we’re getting sick? kayla has those – and the worst are the “unknown virus that takes 3-4 days to clear up”. she feels like garbage for a few days and then she’s perfectly fine.

    • Oh yea! It’s so crazy, I feel like death leading up to being sick and he is just running around like the world is all fabulous and fancy and then two seconds later he is down and out.

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