I need that good music

Why is music getting so terrible these days? Not all music but the ‘Pop’ music. I remember those crazy old people saying how terrible our music was in the 90’s, which was only like 5 years ago by the way. My new, used car has a functional CD player and an AUX cord. I was like, wonder what an AUX cord is, let me stick something in that hole and see what happens. For those of you that do not know, all you do is plug your phone into your car and you can play music directly through the radio. Mind Blown! Since my terribly unreliable yet very inexpensive cell phone provider decided to allow all of us to stream from Pandora and iTunes radio (or any other streaming music player you cant think of) for the low, low price of FREE, I have been using my phone like a broken vending machine shooting out free snacks for the crowd.

My battery stays on less than 30%. Anyway, before I figured out what the AUX button/cord thing was for (I’m getting old) my bf and I took gigantic stacks of burnt CDs from my past life that I only labeled with code words like Nov. 2007 and just started playing them. How great was our music growing up 80’s babies? For real, what is this new era? I don’t even want to be a part of the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, or trying to hit that Nae Nae. Can’t we just go back to the early 2000s and dust our shoulders off? I want to start stompin’ in my air force ones and hang out with Fat Joe for some Lean Back action. Where are my white tee shirt people? I know you are out there!

music Check me out in the background getting my lean on. music.1 Ladies are pimps too… music.2 Snaps all over the place!

Let’s talk about the R&B we were getting in the 90’s. You can not get any better then Boyz II Men, 112, New Edition, and baby boy Usher. When was the last time you heard a grown man break down and cry in a song? If you wait til the water runs dry I guarantee you will find out my friend. If you have no idea what I am talking about then your taste in music is the worst part of life. Just kidding, you probably just prefer country music and in that case the best thing I can talk about is keying someone’s 4-wheel drive and breaking some windows with a Louisville Slugger. All great ideas, however not something that you would get away with in real life. I prefer my music to be just like me; thugged out and gangsta leanin’ while sippin’ on my glass of syzurp.

Here are some great oldies but goodies for you to enjoy this fine morning. I hope they make you as happy as that annoying song by the Pharrel.  Although we’ve come, to the end of the road, still I can’t end this post… Ok, I’m done.. just had to get ‘Happy’ out of my head.

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Treasure Tromp

11 thoughts on “I need that good music

  1. Girl yes I feel old because Im like these kids these days dont know what good music is LOL Do they even know Weezy when he was with the hot boys LOL
    Or how about some STOMP!

  2. You had me at Boyz II Men. Being from Philly, naturally, they have a huge HUGE place in my heart. And their talent is like no other. I saw them in concert last summer and cried the entire time (yeah I’m a nerd), and they were amazeballs. They still got it.
    I can’t even get into most of today’s popular music. Shudder.

    • They are the best ever! My very first CD was Motownphilly! Today’s music is annoying at best. I need to visit Philly at some point in my life. Everything about it seems like a great time! Thanks for stopping by!

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