Let’s do this!

Let’s start this Wednesday out with a THANK YOU to all of the lovely feedback I have received this week. You ladies are fabulous and together we will unite and… alright I’ll stop. britneyclap

It’s confession Wednesday so let’s get this confessing out of the way so we can move on with our lives and make better life choices and not cry as much next week. Let’s Go!

On Monday, I ate two Reese Cups. I’m not even mad about it.

Last night after I went for a run, My son and I were in the backyard playing when I decided I should see if I am still able to do a backbend and a handstand. I can. Needs improvement. Then I just kept trying to get better by doing about 76 hand stands while sword fighting my son using sticks in between attempts. Stay tuned when I report a broken bone in a few weeks.

I hit snooze so many times this morning that when I woke up I was not even sure if I still needed to get up; I did. I still managed to be on time, just with less make-up.. (wonder how many people will tell me I look tired today?)

I thought about ordering pizza and eating it for breakfast this morning. There is still time. Don’t let me do it!

Anytime someone calls my phone from a strange number I change my voice because I can’t stand not knowing who called me but I will never call back a missed number I do not recognize. Why you no leave message strange number???

I’m obsessed with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. It’s funny. I’m sorry. No shame here.

I have been slowly peeling my Shellac off of my nails. It looks amazing!

I am terrible at proofreading and hate doing it.. so much so that I usually have to edit my post at least 5 times after I have published it…. I just did an edit and decided to add this in. Lame.

My confessions are boring. I think I need to step my life up a notch. Maybe ring someone’s door bell and run away before they answer. Or send some text messages to random phone numbers just saying “HELP!” and then never replying. There is one thing I can leave you with today. Here is a lovely text from my grandmother. She’s the best.

photo (2)

I don’t know what is more funny, the duct tape Band-Aid, G-string, or my grandma saying “what a hoot”. I think I may bring that back into play. Also, my G-pa followed this up with a voicemail telling me that his G-string is better in a serious tone. Best voicemail ever! Hopefully this wasn’t a complete waste of life. Link up with us now. Click below to check out some other fancy folks on this fine Wednesday. (anyone else have to pronounce that like it is spelled in order to spell it correctly? No, just me. Cool)

Vodka and Soda

22 thoughts on “Let’s do this!

  1. So much win in that screengrab. 1. your grandma was able to text a photo, 2. duct tape as a band aid, 3. g-string …. SO. MUCH. WIN.

    Also I hit snooze this morning too. And I dont care either….

    • My grandma says that she refuses to be behind in technology… Grandparents are always good for a laugh! Snooze can be my best friend/enemy on a daily basis.

  2. Dont order the pizza girl not worth it although Im secretly thinking how awesome pizza would be right now and I havent ran in a week SHAME!

    I hit my snooze button a good 45 times this morning and now I hate the song Cruise…. dont make a good song your alarm tone bc then you’ll hate it haha

    • I didn’t order the Pizza. My alarm is just annoying sounds. I can sleep through music so it has to be the most annoying, obnoxious and repetitive sound.. it can even be quiet.. lol

    • Thank you! I would have eaten an entire bag but only had a two pack lol. I’m addicted to chocolate and peanut butter goodness. Do you know they have Reese Oreos? Crazy talk!

  3. both ur grandparents are pretty amazing. the text and the vm r the best ever! at least u were on time after hitting snooze for so long. I was still hitting snooze 20 mins after I was supposed to b at work this morning. oops!

  4. I am definitely not the one to talk you out of ordering pizza for breakfast because that sounds like a really good idea, and now I have to try to convince myself not to do it.
    I don’t like when numbers that I don’t know don’t leave a message.. Ugh.
    That text is too hilarious! My grandma doesn’t even own a cell phone 😦

    • It really took some will power to avoid getting it for breakfast! Now I need to avoid getting it for dinner. Trying to eat healthy is the worst part of life. Can’t I just eat cheese and have a smashing physique? lol. Thanks for stopping by!

    • I let it lift off on its own and then just peel off the strips that are loose. Basically just looks like chipped nail polish for about two weeks. I’m bad, my nail tech prefers I leave it alone also but she is just trying to kill my vibe lol.

    • Build up your strength! Just don’t break your face, that would be messy. I’ve got to get a picture taken while doing it because it feels like I’m doing a hand stand with a gangsta lean.

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