I’m calling you out!

It’s time to call some people out and hold them accountable for the negative actions they have been tossing into the universe. Who am I talking about? LADIES. Hold on to your panties for a minute and listen to what I have to say before you go all crazy feminist on me. We all do things that deserve a spotlight so that we can work on it and become better people. I’m guilty of none of these things because well, I’m perfect. There, I said it. Can I talk about some things that we all do that we can maybe cut back or just stop doing.

callingWhat did she say?

Let’s start with our hatred for one another. Don’t pretend like it doesn’t exist. You know when you see her walking down the street dressed in designer clothes caring an Hermes bag that for a second, you hate her. Or when you see her at the gym running 27 miles on the treadmill with her hair down and make up on her face with zero sweat dripping from her brow. How about when she is eating a fried chicken buffet with endless macaroni and cheese and Reese Cups but still has the athletic build of an Olympian? Finally, the girl with the gigantic ring on her finger who gushes about how wonderful her children and  husband are. We HATE her! or are we unhappy with ourselves?


So much nonsense in the female community that it seems wrong to even call it a community. Some of you even hang out with people that you DO NOT even like, on purpose! For why? I grew up with FIVE brothers so that basically makes me an expert on male interactions but I grew up with ZERO sisters so I had to learn how to interact with women. It’s hard work. The most confusing territory to navigate through. For the most part, guys get mad, punch each other in the face, and then go play a game of basketball like nothing ever happened. Can we just punch each other in the face and move forward?


It’s exhausting trying to determine what your motives are. Are we really friends? or do you just want to steal my boyfriend, job, money, cheetos? Are you trying to benefit from me or do you really want to know me?

We’ve all got problems. Just look at Facebook; I’m sure you have at least 10% of your friends list that will tell you all of their problems with each passing minute. Instead of looking at each other with criticism, let’s lift each other up. Jealousy and envy have become so much a part of our daily lives that it is hard to notice when it happens. If you don’t like someone that is perfectly fine. Just don’t pretend to and don’t stay in their lives unnecessarily. If you do this then you just have too much time on your hands.


Also, why do we lie to each other? We are always trying to stay on the same stage as other women. Look at all of the fashion magazines, this is in style, wear this, say this, and don’t say that. Stand up for yourself, don’t be rude, think before you speak, don’t be bossy, don’t fart, no burping, always wear make-up, cross your legs and for heavens sake, smile. Cook, clean, work, teach, learn, cry, don’t cry, laugh, stop laughing. AHHHH! Society can shut up already.


In all seriousness. Women break each other down and try to find anything they can to make her appear inadequate. I am even guilty of this. Gasp!

Society makes us hate each other and compete for everything. Men contribute to this as well (not good men obviously) by filling our heads with lies about other women and she did this, she did that. WHO CARES!?! Stop listening to what everyone else says and listen to yourself. Take people for how they are with you. Give them a chance until they give you a reason to think any differently. We will all make mistakes along the way. It’s what we do to correct those mistakes. People, including women can say anything that sounds good… you have to watch their actions; notice the intentions. Not everyone is going to be a good contributor to your life, but you never know when you will need someone. In addition, know when to let people go and cut them out of your life. You do not need a ton of people around you especially those with malicious intentions. Just be nice. Class dismissed.


Let your Light shine and be nice to each other ladies! We deserve it!

Let Your Light Shine

12 thoughts on “I’m calling you out!

  1. absolutely love this post. sadly enough, I am guilty of everything you mentioned and I never even realized it. definitely something we could all use some work on!

  2. Yes girl we are all Mean girls from one time or another. For example I saw this chick at the bar a few weekends ago and immediately hated her. NOW Im pretty sure we’re going to be best friends. I was insecure so had to pick her flaws but when I stopped doing that I realized what an awesome person she was. Its definitely something we all need to work on.

  3. HAHA! Girl! I love your posts! You are funny but make excellent points. Does she want to steal my cheetos?? probably LOL. I agree with you though, women are so mean to each other! If we focused on loving instead of hating, not only would women be in a better place, but everyone would. Great post!

  4. This times 500. Ive always said I only want boys. why? because I grew up with only sisters and went to girls catholic schools from the age of 5 to 17. I cannot deal with girl drama. I really have no energy for it anymore so lets hope the lord only gives me sweet little boys like yours haha

    • Thank you! I prayed so hard for my son! Boys sure do love their momma’s as well. Puberty is so much more difficult for girls then it is for boys. Plus it seems to last forever!

  5. Preach, sister! I guess I’m sort of in between with my relationships between the sexes. I had girlfriends that I was really close with and I had guy friends too. Girls judge girls because they are judged by other girls. Guys are easy going and don’t judge, but they can also be harder to relate to.

    I used to be really caddy, superficial, and just plain immature when it came to other females. Now I feel as if I’m in a place where I’m not only comfortable with myself, but I am happy with my life. I’ve realized lately that I no longer hate that go-go dancer on stage because I used to do it better, I’m excited for her and hope she has as much fun as I did. Though there will always be that tinge of jealousy when you see that 22-year-old girl walking down the street in Louboutins and a Birkin bag while your 28-year-old self is hustling just to get through the month without having your electricity turned off, it doesn’t mean you have to take it negatively. Compliment the girl on her shoes and bag, and move on with your life because it’s really not worth it to stress about what you don’t have.

    • Exactly! I’ll admit those negative thoughts still pop up but I try to get those bad boys out of my mind because it really doesn’t concern me. It actually can bring you down concerning yourself with what is going on in other people’s lives. Glad you are in a great place and living happily! I believe that all women go through a time of just not being able to stand each other. We have reached a turning point in our lives! YAY!

  6. I don’t know how I wasn’t following your blog. Sad MarlaJan. This post completely with gif’s nails everything on the head about how females interact with each other. It’s sad really. But, am I guilty of all of the above mentioned antics? Guilty for life with no parole.

    PS- If someone tried to steal my Cheetos??? Bitch would get a beat down…

    • It is probably because I have some terribly boring posts. lol. I am still trying to figure this whole blog thing out! I love your blog and I am honored to have you following along! I love gifs! I am addicted to making them. CHEETOS are my life! lol

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