Thursday dressed up like Friday

Thanks for all of your suggestions on yesterday’s post on how to get a budget going. You people have so much knowledge and I love the sharing!

pic.1Check out that gigantor necklace. I can barely hold my head up today.

Very excited about the long weekend ahead of us. As far as my fitness is concerned I have done pretty well this week and hope to continue this trend. I even took a gorgeous photo to show you that no matter the circumstances I always look ready to step out on the runway; even if I just finished my workout.

pic.3Look at that face. She is so gorgeous I tell ya!

Science actually says that if you look like you are growling or constipated while taking a workout selfie that you are 1000 times stronger than everyone else taking their workout selfies. For example, I am stronger then this person just because of my facial expression.

pic.4If she simply had a scowl on her face she would be stronger then me.

Don’t you just love science? Everything makes sense with science! Also, I started drinking protein shakes to get some Whey protein in my life. It is difficult to get all the protein that is required for my body to function and repair my muscles, so this is helpful.

pic.2Look at that beautiful bottle. Check my stove in the background photo bombing.

Let me be the first to tell you that if you just mix the protein powder with some milk or water as suggested on the package that it will be very thick and pretty gross overall. I’ve found some recipes that will make it less thick and pretty tasty so I should be good. Let me know if you want me to share them with you.

I have my plan in place to continue working out through the long weekend and not eat something terribly unhealthy as well. Don’t miss me too much. I’ll bring it right back on Monday. I’m linking up with Katie Did What for Healthy Habits today for the first time! Yay! Check her out.


10 thoughts on “Thursday dressed up like Friday

  1. That muscle lady is creepy because shes smiling I expect a growl face from her LOL
    Have you ever tried Visalus protein shakes…they’re yummy taste like cake mix, but kind of expensive.

  2. Ah you look great … the bodybuilder not so much! haha. I drink lean shakes in the morning and sometimes to replace dinner and Im in the gym. I just mix them with a little more than the required water and shake it a little more than necessary! haha I dont drink milk and hate the texture if its lumpy at all! (Sometimes I add berries)

    • Thank you Krystal! Those are some good ideas! I will have to try that out to make it taste better. Also, I’ve heard adding spinach doesn’t change the flavor but adds nutrients.

  3. I’ve always wanted to try those “green smoothies” but…I’m lazy. Having to go out and buy all the ingredients, blend everything, and then wash the blender too… Wayyyy too much work for me. Lol. I just ordered (as in just 2 minutes ago) the Tiny Teatox that’s supposed to help with bloating, weight loss, etc. so hopefully that helps a little.

    • You have to let me know if it works! I am pretty lazy with the blender as well. You can just get a shaker cup and mix the powder with milk or water.. not very good but gets the job done for sure.

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