Money, Clothes and Hoes

So there are no hoes in this post.. but hey it rhymed.


It’s Wednesday, but this week it means Thursday because there is no work for me on Friday so the week is basically over. Can I get an Amen? Working for the man is hard. Even more difficult when you don’t have any paycheck left because all of the bills and student loans take everything and just laugh at you while you sit at home drinking water from the toilet and chewing day old roman noodles.

Ok, I don’t have it that bad but sometimes I just wanna live my life. Can I live? I shouldn’t have had to make such adult decisions about debt and my credit between the ages of 18-now. So much debt.. This calls for a drum roll….


It’s budget time!!! Yay! Let’s save all our money and not buy things online to be shipped to our home and be happy and excited everyday knowing that at some point FedEx or UPS will throw your package at your door as they drive by and you will get home in a hurry and open that package as if you are a 5 year old just experiencing Christmas for the first time since prior to this year you had the memory of a bat. (Yes, that run on sentence was intentional. I’m not sorry.)

Back to business. I love to spend money I don’t have. Credit cards are evil. They have made me feel rich when I have been poor. Comforted me when I was sad and brought joy into my life for a brief moment. It’s societies fault for making me feel inadequate. When in doubt, blame society.

I pay them back every month; can’t tell you what I spent $10,000 on. I just have too many obligations and not enough pesos to go around. My son has more money then me, his savings account is on fire.. he will be 3 in September.

Can someone please send me some ideas on starting a budget and sticking to it? PLEASE! I’m begging you! I don’t usually ask for help because Kanye taught me that I don’t need to.


Share your budget ideas with me. Or if you struggle also share that. I can’t be alone in this! I just can’t!


Let’s get these links ups shall we? This counts as confessing right? I told you I am bad with my Dolla Bills. So yea.

Vodka and Soda

22 thoughts on “Money, Clothes and Hoes

  1. Cash. Sit down and figure out how much money you have, how much you will save (pay yourself first), food, utilities, bills, etc. Allow yourself some “blow money”. Anything you can pay in cash, do it. Go to the bank and take that much out and use envelopes. I have one for groceries, one for eating out, and one for blow money. I still use debit on gas because I don’t like people and it is quicker. Make sure your monthly (or weekly.. however you get paid) budget ends up balancing at zero. If it doesn’t, try again. Tell your money where to go instead of asking where it went.

    • I haven’t thought about using cash again. I agree about the gas station. I can’t stand going inside. This sounds like I can make it work. Thanks for the tips Rikki!!

  2. student loans take everything and just laugh at you while you sit at home drinking water from the toilet and chewing day old roman noodles. <—– this is the most real statement ever if you 'bout that life…meaning a college graduate and broke as fuck! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

    Girl I suck I dont spend money and still cant save it I have a credit card that I pay off and then just like that im back in the hole again. Lawd Jesus I can't even!

    • Most def. Some people think that since you have a college degree you are doing great in life.. but really, it means you owe the government a lot of money…

  3. Girrllll you are NOT alone. And these Fourth of July sales are just eating away at me! I must resist! I’ve recently unsubscribed to so many retailers to help avoid spending money on more clothes. Shopaholic to the max!

  4. Credit cards are EVIL! But I dont think I could go back to life without one! Like I dont even know how I lived without it! Being an adult sucks sometimes but then again we have credit cards to spend on stuff to make us feel better right?? 😀

  5. OMW I so get you and credit cards but I’ve decided to pay mine off and not use them except to travel – I’m terrible at budgeting so I can’t be of much help there… sorry 😦

  6. I am with you with this post girlfriend! But one thing I did was Financial Peace University. It’s basically a program you can do through different orgs or at home through DVD and online support. I did the @ home version and it still helped me. It teaches you how to manage, save and invest your money. I would recommend that. Another thing I do is have a budget for each little thing I do and keep it in a plastic envelope book ( you know how some people me organize coupons with them??) that way I budget our what I am allowed to spend. Once it’s gone, i dont allow myself to go to my cards. It really helps have to FEEL where my money is going instead of just ignoring it (like credit cards help you do). Just a couple things from me 🙂 🙂

  7. I think we are soulmates. Okay, that sounds creepy. Soul…sisters? But with a “ahs” instead of an “ers”. So, soul sistahs. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. I was just thinking about the whole budget thing and paying back debts, not spending money that you don’t really have, etc. In fact, I was even writing a post about it when I saw your post in my inbox (obvs I get distracted easily by emails and other things when I’m trying to get a post done).

  8. Ugh, I’m the WORST at budgeting. I tried to make a conscious effort in June to not buy ALL THE THINGS on the internets since I need to save my monies for moving and plane tickets for vacation and not things that I don’t really need, but make me feel better when I’m stressed over moving and having to spend so much money on plane tickets…

    I was a sucker today for the $10 woot shirt. I mean $10 and free shipping for a cute tshirt? Who fights that? Not me.

  9. I thought your credit cards were still hidden from you at home. Stick with the cash route that Rikki suggested in the first comment. That’s the one we discussed before but never really ended up making it happen. You got this!

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