12 week challenge

I enjoyed my final week of gluttony. Not forever obviously, that’s what the holidays are for. Right? I joined Skinny Meg and her crew in a 12 week challenge that starts today so I figured I should indulge in all things terrible for my body. My son and I had a lunch date at Red Robin after church where I shoved a glorious double cheese burger into my food hole. Add some fries, Dr. Pepper, and the rest of his grilled cheese sandwich and I could barely walk through the mall after eating. I finished the night off with a bag of white cheddar popcorn and a cherry coke. It was delicious.


I am not cool enough, nor brave enough to show you my before pictures but I am brave enough to show you a picture of my feet on a scale. Many people are surprised when I tell them what I weigh because it doesn’t show that much on my figure. I’m 5’9 so the blessing of height is on my side when it comes to how much I weigh.


As you can see I’m talented with an IPhone camera. No shadows at all. How about that clean floor? Back to business… I weigh 191.8. It has been worse so I can’t be too upset about all of it. (I weighed 249 the day I gave birth.) Just have to get focused. According to the website I found via Google search (which may be accurate or not because the internet can be a liar) a female that is my height should weigh between 135-169. I don’t want to weight less than 165, ever. I just don’t see how that can look good on me. I want to be athletic, I don’t want to be skinny. There isn’t anything wrong with being skinny, I just want people to look at me and know that if we were to throw down in fisticuffs that I would win.


Where was I going with this? Oh yea… goals.

  1. Lose 15 lbs
  2. 1 cheat meal per week
  3. 1 cheat beverage per week (dr. pepper or cherry coke, tough decision)
  4. 5 workout days per week
  5. Drink 1 gallon of water per day or more
  6. Log my food into my fitness pal all day, erryday
  7. stick to the plan

Alright folks. Call me on my crap if I am not keeping you updated. I need this! I’ve got some people to help keep me accountable. Shout out to Kara, Brandon, Frikken Duckie, and Brittney. Anyone else want to keep me in check? I’ll reciprocate!


8 thoughts on “12 week challenge

  1. So many things in this post. First of all your son is gorgeous! Simply a beautiful boy! As for the dieting, I plan to lose 25. Yes I have that much excess weight on me and I aint brave enough to put my number because being short its way too much for my height. At least I think so! Finally that last goal of yours is bittersweet to me. I love the line “Stick to the plan” because it says so much but its also the line my ex said to me almost daily!! Love this post!

  2. You are soooo pretty… okay you can and WILL do this and if I have to text you at 4am I will hahaha jk ..kinda. Now I’m interested in what this 12 week challenge is so Im going to check it out. Hey dont forget to check your starting measurements too, I lost a ton of inches before the number on the scale went down 🙂

  3. you know I am ready to keep you in check. I need you to stay motivated with me, it will help us both!!! i am gonna start interrogating you if i don’t receive an after workout picture from you at least 5 days a week. its time to get serious, you got this!

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