I really want to work out + link up time!

Can we start out by saying that Russ Smith was drafted last night to the 76ers then traded to the Pelicans? In case you don’t know Russ, he was a University of Louisville Cardinal and just an overall great person. Here he is now.

russ-smith_5058955_GIFSoup.comI’ll do an entire post about why this guy is awesome. He deserves it!

This week I worked out so many times that I can’t even count them. How many times do you ask? ZERO! I don’t typically have weeks in which each day requires a task to be completed when I get off of work. Typically I can work out right after work before I pick my son up from daycare.


Also, I’m tired.

I feel like I could sleep for a month and still be tired.

I have the desire to work out and get in better shape but not the motivation. I joined a 12 week challenge that starts on Monday. I have joined many challenges but failed to complete them. This one better be different. I have to submit before and after pictures so let’s hope that helps.


I need a nap.

Since getting said car this week I am slightly paranoid at how I will afford the added expense. It is with great sadness that I will be cutting my cable off in an effort to reduce my expenses before I get to the point of needing it. I’m looking at other things that I can let go as well to try to soften the blow. This includes no more shellac manicures. Gasp. I’m sad about this one. I guess getting rid of these time sucking luxuries that I have had will help with the whole fitness thing I mentioned above..


I want to have a yard sale this summer to generate some income but have been too lazy to organize it. I need to make that happen ASAP. This will be a calorie burner also since going through boxes of crap and walking up and down stairs will make me sweat.

If you made it to the end of this post I thank you. I know there hasn’t been much to work with as this week of life has been mundane. Enjoy the weekend peeps! I’ll get some material prepared for next weeks blog.

Also, I didn’t proofread; typical me… I have to get better! Click the Friday Link-up below. NOW!!

Venus Trapped in Mars
Fitness Friday

8 thoughts on “I really want to work out + link up time!

  1. LMAO those GIFS though! Im bout to email you my number… you got this girl!! Id be scared of the new car expense too, hence why Im drivin a hoopty hoop LOL

  2. I couldn’t believe how many times last night a player was drafted and in the blink of an eye, traded away. Both of my college’s guys that got drafted, were immediately traded!

    And… horizontal running for the win. I think that is totally an acceptable workout! 🙂

    • I don’t get it either.. why the draft then immediate trade? I’m pretty sports savvy but when it comes to the draft I go stupid. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Girlie go sleep! haha that’s my motto these days. And as for the exercising I didn’t do much of that this week either, Im bummed but it happens. I hope your weekend is full of naps!!!

    BTW Those gifs had me rolling!

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