Ramble town

I have zero focus today so lets just ramble shall we?

My son got a hair cut on Tuesday and in true “me” fashion when we got home I had to cut more of it because it didn’t look ‘good enough’ for me.

I finally got a new ‘used’ car yesterday. I really didn’t plan on making the purchase, it just sort of happened. I will now have anxiety for the next few months until I am confident in my ability to make the payment. My old crap car was paid off. Piece of junk…

WordPress is being a Stinky McStink face right now and keeps jumping up and down making it very difficult to write this post.

I got two additional cartilage piercings on Sunday. I love piercings, really just ear piercings. I’ve gotten my lip pierced and took it out after like 2 months.. Great story I’ll share one day. I also had my tongue pierced when I was 18 although at the time I didn’t realize how disgusting it was. If you have a tongue ring that’s cool.. I’m just not tongue ring material.

I want to watch So You Think You Can Dance without hearing all the perverted statements Nigel makes. Old creepy men are weird. Do they not realize how uncomfortable everyone around them become when they behave this way? Eww

I added some new buttons on the ‘blogs I follow’ section. Some new additions if you will. These new found blogs are right up my ally and it would behoove you to click on them all and say “Hey girl, Christina said you’re pretty fly.”

Since Word Press will not stop messing with my life I will end here. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the love. Happy Pre-Friday!!! Good post huh Nikki?



6 thoughts on “Ramble town

  1. I swear we’re twins. I had nothing of substance to post on Thursday either. Lol. And as for piercings, I’m all over that shit! I had my nipples pierced, my tragus, nosering, and I had an industrial bar before too! I ended up taking them all out eventually. Thinking about getting my tragus pierced again though.

    • My tragus is my favorite. I have taken out all other piercings aside from my ears. Let’s just hope I don’t go crazy and end up with 57 ear piercings by the time I am finished. lol

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