Sexism is Alive

I know yesterday I said that I was going to give myself an autographed picture of myself and instagram it but I was too caught up trying to get myself a new (used) car. That didn’t happen either; apparently I don’t have the correct gentiles to be taken seriously in the car buying world. I’ve been to dealerships with my grandfather and they never try to call his bluff and even chase him down like a crack head that stole the free bottle of water if he leaves without purchasing.


Why do I have to bring a penis with me to be taken seriously at a car dealership? They made a lot of assumptions about me to my face which were irritating me from the start. One comment in particular, “Do you have a co-signer?” Excuse me? You gathered that I will require a co-signer from just looking at me? How about you take a look at the credit score that I earned using my Kanye-fidence before you go being all judgmental and stuff.


At this point shots had been fired and I was in defense mode feeling like Brittney Spears cornered by the paparazzi with nothing but an umbrella to save me. They then bring me a printout showing what they are willing to offer me for my car as a trade. $800. Are you out of your mind? Where is Solange when I need her to attack someone? I know my car is no luxury vehicle. It’s also not a bucket of rust that I had towed into the dealership hoping that they don’t notice the bumper being held on by duct tape. Hello, I drove it in here. It’s a 2004 Chevy Malibu with some body damage but will likely be able to be sold for like $4000-$5000 according to Kelly Blue Book.


When I said no thank you they didn’t seem to care one bit that I was getting up to walk out. There was no bait and switch or anything. I’m cool with that because I was already done with them by that point, but why? Why does being a female mean that I am not worthy of negotiation or a good credit score?


Anyway, I will get  my new used car and all of these ‘dealerships’ will be very upset. Had they allowed us to progress a bit further they could have checked my credit and noticed that ya girl has bought and paid off two cars at least 1-2 years ahead of schedule. That’s just the car loan aspect of my credit. Let’s not get to talking about the student loan debt though. I know, terrifying. I am paying it though so more credit points for me!



9 thoughts on “Sexism is Alive

  1. just an fyi…I did not ask about ur experience bc I saw this post and have been trying to read it all day. just terrible!!! (loved the bridesmaids reference by the way…one of my favorite scenes!)

  2. That’s super annoying. I know exactly what you mean, but I have been treated super bogus by one dealership and like royalty at the next – so you will find your new vehicle! Good luck in the process, don’t let it overtake you 🙂

  3. Ugh thats annoying. I had posted a while back that I love cars (not like fixing them but driving and speed) and motor sports and F1 etc. Its so odd how women are treated like they have no bloody clue about these things when some like myself probably know more than the average man about those things. sexism is still alive and well.

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