Monday Mornings with Kanye

Do you struggle with confidence? Are you looking for that extra little ego boost to get through the day? Then you need Kanye-fidence! What’s that? You don’t know what Kanye-fidence is? Let me break it down for you. There is absolutely no one in the world that loves as hard as Kanye does. He loves Kanye so much that a Kanye West self confidence generator has been created. Anywhere in the post where you see ‘Kanye-fidence‘, there is a link to the generator! You will not regret this.


I think that we all need to take just a dash of the confidence from Yeezy (Kanye) and maybe we will be able to bring him down to our level, not likely, but at least we can feel better in our own lives. Am I right?

Hold up! I know that Kanye has a bad rep for being a narcissistic egomaniac. I just have to wonder how you can not love him for it? Just think of how many famous people feel this way but do not say it? I am not saying that I agree with everything Kanye has said or done. I’m just saying that I don’t hate him for it. Really I don’t hate anyone so that isn’t saying much.


I think we all need to appreciate Kanye for the person he is and stop expecting him to be something different. Let’s appreciate his honesty. Maybe we are all just jealous of the relationship that Kanye has with Kanye. Who wouldn’t want to be loved that way? I say let’s stop being envious little jealous trolls and go fall in love with ourselfs so hard and so passionate that we start to resemble Kanye.


I don’t know about you but tonight I plan to give myself an autographed picture of myself and frame it next to my bed. What better photo to wake up to? Then I plan to take a selfie with the autographed photo of myself and post it to Instagram with #iwokeuplikethis. You know its a great idea!


You don’t like my post? Well, thankfully I stopped off and got some Kanye-fidence prior to this to writing it so my feelings are safe from judgement!

Just an FYI, this is not a sponsored post, I was actually inspired by this post from Krystal over at The Kay Times. Go check her out already! Happy Monday!!


12 thoughts on “Monday Mornings with Kanye

  1. Hahaha funny .. I still hate Kanye though… Im not sure why but the very first time I saw him on BET I hated him..I think because he reminds me of my step bro! LOL

  2. hahaha he is such a tool but I have to admit we should all love ourselves half as much…. haha still a dummy for thinking he is as great as Shakespeare though… Love this and thanks mucho for the shout out!!

    • Haha! It is so important to appreciate even the smallest aspect of every person we encounter and embrace it. LMAO!!! I die just thinking of the picture of him on the motorcycle about to kiss himself!

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