Fitness + That Friday Blog Hop

Anyone have tips on migrating my blog from Word Press to Blogger. I have exported it and then when I am trying to convert it I keep getting an error message with something crazy. Any pro’s out there willing to help me? PLEASE!! I have no problems with the Word Press format personally I have simply noticed more benefits of having my blog on Blogger. Anyway, on to the post.

I started working out again this week on Monday as I promised I would in an attempt to rid my life of the fat, sugary goodness that happened all last week. Only problem was, I couldn’t make myself stop eating the bad food. It wasn’t as bad as the week prior to this one but I still ate chocolate. So there’s that. Also, I really wanted PIZZA! I’m participating in the Summer Shape up 2014. Check the link at the bottom of the blog for more info.

fitness.1 Why is she flexing those baby muscles? Because Why not?

I went to the gym after work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for about 45 minutes. Yesterday my friend Kara came over and we did a workout in my backyard that felt more like we were in a sauna due to the humidity. We did sprints and some weird football like drills because I’m cool like that. It’s a full-time job trying to remember all of the different names of workout moves. I’m good to know the difference between a regular squat and a sumo squat.

fitness.3Once again she is selling tickets to a gun show that has NO GUNS!!

fitness.2Welcome to awkward town, where taking a picture alone is always uncomfortable

Like anyone trying to start eating healthy this transition will occur on Monday because I need these last few days to eat the crap that I bought at the grocery store last time I went. I was on my period and a bit out of control with the impulse decisions and I refuse to throw perfectly good food in the trash that I had to buy with my very own money. Sometimes when I spend my money I think about how many hours I had to work to earn that money in an effort to curb my spending. It doesn’t usually work.

Speaking of money I also need to work out a budget and stick with it. I am going to have to get a new car (and by new I mean made after 2005 but before 2010) and will likely have some sort of car payment. My car sucks something terrible. I hate it. The thing about it is that it looks pretty fantastic on the outside but everything else is just all wrong.

With all the randomness I just typed you should go ahead and feel free to offer some advice to my young/aging 29 year old self. Also, head on over and join the party before the party at That Friday Blog Hop! Happy Friday!

That Friday Blog Hop




6 thoughts on “Fitness + That Friday Blog Hop

  1. You looks great girlie!!! Keep it up! Also you are migrating from WordPress to blogger? Most people do the opposite. I’m on blogger though! (There’s a blogger – northern belle diaries – who is really good at helping with that stuff)

    • Thank you. I will check her out. I have read some reviews that say Blogger is more user friendly. I haven’t made my final decision yet though. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Yes, we should totally be workout and budget buddies! You’re way ahead of me though…I’m still trying to get off the couch. Lol. My biggest problem is finding the motivation to do it sometimes…okay, most times.

    • I completely understand that. I am inconsistent and really need to work on making it more of a habit. Then we will be able to be really successful! What is your email address and we can try to set up some ways to be accountable.

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