29…..Warning! LOTS OF PICTURES

Did you miss me on Friday? I know. sometimes it is good to miss someone. What’s that?.. you didn’t even notice. Well, this is awkward. Let’s move on then shall we.

My birthday celebrations have come to an end so let’s get right to it. Thursday I enjoyed lunch with my coworkers at Wild Rita’s and a dinner celebration for my boyfriend’s mom’s bday. Her day of birth was June 10th and she deserved the best celebration as well.

Friday I took the day off of work to get a manicure and let my friend Kara torture me with a workout. It is all part of how she shows her love for you. If she doesn’t make you want to cry at any moment during a workout then you guys are not friends.

We did a billion sets of stairs and then rode bikes to this delicious pizza place to use my birthday coupon. Riding the bikes was a fantastic idea brought to you by yours truly. I haven’t ridden a real bike since I was 17 and when I asked Kara if I would be able to do it she said the most brilliant thing I have ever heard. “It’s just like riding a bike.” Alrighty then. First thing I did wass try to ride the bike with the front tire backwards. Bonus points!

The gears looked wrong but I just thought maybe they moved them backwards on purpose. Once I got on the bike I was all wobbly like the first time a deer learns to walk. Forget trying to stand up and peddle while going up hill, and turning; oh my sweet baby Jesus I almost rode straight into traffic at my first attempt. Nevertheless we made it to our destination and back. Upon return I was very proud of what I  accomplished; riding a bike less then half a mile and not dying. I will definitely be getting more practice in on that one. Following our bike ride we took some time at the pool in an attempt to change from pasty white to just normal white.


We had plans that evening so I left Kara in the afternoon and met up with my boyfriend for some time alone before we picked up my son from daycare and then we headed to meet Kara and her boyfriend for dinner. Dinner was great, minus the fact the my son is apparently terrified of those extremely nosey hand dryers and had a meltdown. Following dinner we went to a nearby park for a made-up game of four-square. Some of us are too competitive to play on teams and keep score all at once if we would like to remain friends in the future. This resulted in randomly yelling out “POINT” whenever one deemed it necessary.

bday.13My son said Eff your picture.

Saturday morning was just as packed starting with the Epilepsy walk. I will recap that tomorrow because it deserves a post in itself. After the walk my son and I met up with my boyfriend for lunch and a game of two person spades that took 2 hours to result in a tie. We have to pick that game back up at a later time in order to determine a champion. Saturday night my mom came up to watch my son so that I could stay out with my friends and act like an adult.


Kara met me at my house and we went to dinner together at a lovely Mexican restaurant, El Toro. Most of my friends meeting for dinner are those that do not go out because we are grown up with big kid jobs and families now. It is so great to see how far we have all come since we joined together for dinner on my 21st birthday. I love these ladies!

bday.2 bday.5 bday.8

After dinner we made a quick stop back by my house for a drug transaction. My dealer carefully placed the pills in a zip lock bag outside in a plant so as not to disturb my child. Seriously though, I forgot to take my seizure medicine so my mom put my needed dose out on the deck to keep my kid from getting all mad that I came home only to leave right away. It did look pretty sneaky and I kind of now know what it feels like to get the goods when you need them. Hiding it in the plant was my moms idea so now I wonder if she was really part of the Mexican Cartel while growing up.

bday.10Baby bro… poor picture quality.. don’t judge me. It only gets worse.

Kara and I headed to a bar called Molly Malone’s where we were met by my youngest brother and two former co-workers. The music was crap and the crowd was even worse. We hung around long enough to spend some time with my brosef before he had to pick his girlfriend up from work. Little brother grew up into a pretty cool little dude. He even bought big sister two glasses of wine for her b-day. I don’t drink very often at all so it doesn’t take much. The music at this location made me want to amputate my pinky toes so we left and headed across the street to a bar named Drakes.


My friend Kim met us at Drakes and we ran into Kara’s mom as well. I really wanted to dance and Drake’s has a dance floor and music with a beat. Kara proceeded to buy me two more drinks to which the effects were being felt so I stopped after that. There was still pressure from the gang to drink more but I am a control freak and didn’t want to feel like death the next day. I enjoyed watching my friends have a good time. Sometimes I miss being able to drink and get a good buzz going. It is a good thing that I decided to cut myself off because right as we were discussing which bar to head to next I got a text form my mom around 1:45am that my son woke up crying for me and wouldn’t stop. It was time to head home.


It was kind of bittersweet to cut out early. On one hand I was really tired and knew that I would still be getting up early but on the other I haven’t been out since my bday last year and wanted to live it up. Either way it was a great night.

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that take care of theirs and to all the mom’s that are doing both jobs! Cheers to you!


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