That time I lost weight

Catch up by reading “That time I got fat”, then jump on this stroller…

My family obliged my request to get a jogging stroller so that I could get back into shape. We ordered a Jeep jogging stroller because hey, if the Jeep vehicles can handle all-terrain then surely the stroller will be just as capable.


I loved the stroller. The first time I tried to run after giving birth without the stroller I barely made it two blocks; with the stroller would definitely be more difficult. My son was about 9 months old when we took the Jeep out for a test drive. That bad boy was so smooth, I loved it. My son fell asleep so fast that I debated making the stroller his crib then later realized that could be considered bad parenting and ultimately decided against it.

I would take the stroller out every night when I got home from work and every morning on the weekend as long as it was not raining. My family put a lot of money into this gift (like $200 and that’s a lot to me) and I needed to prove that it was worth it.

stroller.1He was about 1.5 years old in this picture, looks like he is takin’ a selfie.. he isn’t.

stroller.2Last summer, about 1.9 years old. My kid is a giant.

I changed my eating habits as well during this time and started counting calories as I told you in my last post using the MyFitnessPal app, that helped tremendously. I also increased my water intake like a boss and was chugging that crap like it was the only way to make it to tomorrow. Prior to this I was drinking about 2 large Cokes or Dr. Pepper’s from McDonalds per day while at work and some water sprinkled in there for fun. Almost all three of my meals were fast food every day as well. I was just asking for some diabetes and high blood pressure.

Prior to losing weight I kept making excuses for not being able to eat healthy. I had a baby and was doing it alone because of the issues I was having with my son’s father. My family does not live in the same city as me and were not able to help at all. I was trying to get some sort of schedule going so that I did not lose my mind and cooking was not in my time frame whatsoever.

I don’t know what made me get serious. Just one day I was tired of my being uncomfortable and my pants being too tight. When I changed what I was eating I started to get results. First I changed what I ate for breakfast. Instead of a gloriously greasy yet tasty bacon, egg and cheese biscuit I would have yogurt and some fruit, or oatmeal and fruit. This was a quick and easy swap because this did not require cooking at all and I could just grab it and eat it. For lunch I was either having turkey sandwiches or I was eating those frozen Boca meatless patties with some sort of a side. Occasionally I would have some ground turkey and rice. When dinner would come I would only have to prepare food for me because my son was too young to enjoy this tasty cuisine. I would have either another meatless patty or a healthier version of taco salad or mini pizzas.

I also found alternatives that were not necessarily healthier but lower in calories when I would get food from a restaurant. I hadn’t learned about sodium, protein, and fiber. I was just keeping in the calorie range.

I had made a decision that I was not going to buy any new pants until I went down two sizes because who wants to waste money like that? From June to October I lost almost 30 pounds and I was walking around work with dress pants that were too big looking like I took a giant poo and was wearing a soggy diaper full of my own crap. It was time to try on pants! I was nervous. I was terrified.

When I got to the dressing room to try on pants I was excited to see what I could stuff myself into. In my opinion my body did not look any different. I really hadn’t taken the time to really look at my body in months and since I was celibate no one else was seeing me naked either. I made it to my goal of losing two pants sizes! YAY! Finances wouldn’t allow any new purchases that day but there was hope on the horizon and I couldn’t wait to get into those jeans.

I didn’t want to fluff back up over the winter months and thought it would be a very funny joke if anyone thought I wasn’t going to partake in the gluttony that is Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I started to do Insanity after my son went to sleep at about 9 o’clock at night. If you have ever done insanity you know that is no easy feat, especially after being up all day working full-time then coming home to take care of a child. I didn’t see the results that could have been possible though because I did not eat very well during this time. I did however get much stronger.

I maintained my weight throughout the winter and signed up to do some races with my friend, Kara. This summer would be the first time I ran a 5k without stopping and it was glorious… Stay tuned for that story and I’ll share with you the most embarrassing part.

I am also participating in the Hump Day Blog Hop this week. Hosted by the lovely Fitness Blondie. Click either link below to check out some other fabulous blogs.

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7 thoughts on “That time I lost weight

  1. Found you through the blog hop.
    And I totally get the “Tired of feeling uncomfortable in my pants” thing.
    That’s what got me started.

    I love that you used one of those jogging strollers, I think if I had one when my son was smaller.. I would have gotten back on track before he was …. oh… 5? hahaha.

    Come check me out.
    It isn’t a good week for my positive, healthy lifestyle… but, I’m human, and life is a journey.. am i right?

    • Thanks for stopping by! The stroller was a life saver and the only reason anything even started or I too would have kept waiting. If you read through my blog you too will notice my bad days.. I get those at least every other week if not more often. I’ll swing over and check you out. 🙂 Don’t forget to follow along.

    • It truly was. He will be three soon but still fits in it. This will be our last summer with the stroller and I’m not sure how we will

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