Photo bomberish

Hey there gorgeous! How you doin’ this morning? Can we talk? I’ll just write and if you aren’t feeling it, then just send it right back.


It’s been mentioned a time or two that I have addictions to things that are not necessarily productive in life but may also not be really detrimental either. My first addiction, while seemingly harmless can take a decent amount of time out of real life. My name is Christina, and I am addicted to taking pictures, being in pictures, selfies, delfies (two people in a selfie), pictures of my son, the sky, the ground, gross things, funny things, and even dreadfully awful things. Why is my first thought when I see something that I need to take a picture of it? I may not even post it to social media but I feel the need to take a picture.

It’s like sometimes I feel that I have to have evidence in order for people to believe what I have seen even if the picture adds no value to the story. When I first joined Facebook I was obnoxious about it. There are entire albums worth of photo shoots of my friends and I in virtually the exact same pose, the same night, in the same outfit. Why? ….. blank stare.


Who wants to see more than one picture of you and said friend in the same basic pose just with a different facial expression. Hey there, look at me, I can do things with my face other then smile. See!

2007.1 2007.2 2007.3See, I told ya.. what are we even doing in this one? There are about 10 more pics in this album on Facebook

I have now jumped to the other side of the spectrum and just love to slightly tilt my head to the left, raise my eyebrows just enough to not look like a creep and give a beautiful fake smile. My real smile isn’t all that great in my opinion because when I give it to you real my top lip disappears into my mouth and my eyes almost close completely. If you can still see the color of my eyes then I am not really smiling. It’s fake.

I can take 27,421 pictures of myself without batting an eyelid. If I ask someone else to take a picture of me you might as well have just walked in to awkward kingdom because now I’m like a baby deer taking its first steps. What do I do with my face? Hands? body? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh yea, you are taking my picture. Why does this feel so weird? I look like a creepy, psycho stalker now.

full lengthLook at her face. What? My arms? and of course that little foot down there? What’s happening?

I’m even fairly decent in group photos as well because I know the camera person is not solely focused on me. Instagram is my best friend right now. Maybe that is because I haven’t reached the type of following that brings criticism along. I don’t know if that will make me love it more or hate it. I’m pretty great at giving out verbal lashings but rarely let them flow past my lips. It’s in everyone’s best interest if I just keep those thoughts securely locked up. After all, most of the time it is just not true but very clever. I’ve got quite the quick wit. Dont’ believe me? Check my crazy twitter rant where I decided to @StateFarm because I am so upset with them currently.

Anyway. Let’s all move on from this post. It’s really quite tragic and not all that interesting. Thanks for sticking with me friend.


2 thoughts on “Photo bomberish

  1. Haha I cant tell you how many selfies are on my phone its ridiculous. I take random pictures of everything. I can say when Im older my life will be well documented so I can be awesomely confused when Im old and my memory starts to fade.

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